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Dear Mom,

I’m still pluggin’ away. This has been some week! Sunday night I had guard duty and consequently walked about 8 miles, and got about 4 hours sleep, then Teusday [sic] I had to go to the range, which is way out in East Jesus, I shot to carbine, we don’t fire the Tommy Gun here anymore, Teusday night I had an outdoor demonstration in chemical warfare, showing the different ways of gas decontamination and the several types of incendiaries, and gas bombs, it was very impressive. Last night I took some of the damndest [sic] test for 3 hours. There were questions where I was given for words, and I was to choose the one that was most unpleasant. One was, prostitute, whore, streetwalker, and v-girl! I don’t know, maybe I’m nuts. Then there were clock faces from which I had to tell the time. Clocks with the twelve at the bottom, the numerals running counterclockwise and upside down. And if the numerals were outside the minute marks, you had to use the large hand as the hour hand, and the hour hand as the minute hand. Whew, what a workout!

They were given to us to help determine better standards on the classification tests of future cadets. They will not affect my standing in any way whatsoever.

No, hon, I don’t fly here, but will be moving off to primary soon. I’ll be through classes in 9 days, and will probably ship between the 18th + 20th! Where did the time go? It seems like I just got here.

I did get 100 in those tests, and I also got 100 in an N.I. test. I have a physics test tomorrow, I hope to do as well.

Well angel, I’m off to P.T. now. I love you, sorry I couldn’t write before this. Give my love to all at home,

Your Son


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