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Dear Mom,

I [am] racking up the time now, honey. Yesterday I got an hour dual and one solo, and the same today. I’ve got almost 16 hours now! Boy how I love that solo work. Man it’s really something. No kiddin’ it’s another world.

Today I climbed up to 4500’. About 8 o’clock it was. And smooth as glass. The clouds were just hanging on the horizen [sic]. The sun just breaking through them.

On my dual time today Balko gave me some new stalls from climbing and gliding turns. Boy they’re tricky by [sic] a lot of fun. He also gave me Chandelles. In this maneuvers [sic] you dive the ship at 1850 R.P.M.’s to about 110 m.p.h the[n] bring the nose up and around 180° to a position of steep climb. You do one after another alternating from left to right, like sliding up and down a steep tobagan [sic]. They’re really fun. Then to top it off he demonstrated a loop followed by a snap roll. When we got off of that I didn’t know where the hell I was. Balko said that he was watching me in the mirror. He said I had a smile from ear to ear. I guess I did, I loved it.

In the loop he dived the ship to about 120 and then brought the nose up, up, up. The horizen [sic] drops down and clear blue is ahead of you . I looked up and watched the other horizen come up in back of me while we were upside down. Man what a thrill. Then that hairy snap roll, and I nearly blew a gut. He sure is an H. P.

I got a letter from Dud today. He’s fine. Can’t tell me where he is. Says it’s hell. He just go one of my letters dated May 9th. The invasion held up all his mail. He got about fifty letters at once.

Thank Nan for her letter, hon. Tell her I’ll write her as soon as possible, and that I love her.

Give my love to Bob, and a kiss to Rickey. I love you and think about you so often.

Your devoted son


[Transcription ends]