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A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn A Class 45-A
Albany, Ga.

Mrs. Ruth S. Clark
64 Chauncey Ave.
New Rochelle
New York

[Transcription begins]:



Dear Mom,

My first Open-Post in 4 weeks was a good one. I had a lot of fun. Tom Bent, Doug Congdon and myself went out to the Paramount Club, the local hot-spot, with some local females. It’s a big place, about the size of Glen Island, with a band, also. We danced around and had a few drinks. I got back on time this time.

Yesterday we saw “Christmas Holiday.” It’s marvelous too. Deanna Durbin is a swell actress.

I’ve got a date this Wednsday [sic] night with a girl I met in the bowling alley here. She’s a sharp number, rather tall dark, and shapely. Some weekend the boys in the bay are going to get up a wheenie [sic] roast. It sure is good to be back in operation again.

At 10:30 today, I go to get my first hour in the Link Trainer. Today I’ll just use the stick to get used to it.

Mr. Balko got married this weekend, so he’s a little shakey [sic] today. He was late to work, also. I doubt if I’ll get up today because of this lousey [sic] weather. The cieling [sic] just started to break and the “dual only” flag is up.

Ed Conway shipped out to Keesler Field, Miss. For A. M. (Air Mechanics) school. I haven’t heard from him as yet.

I wrote Jean Moberg the other day. I heard from her Friday. She’s swell, has a job in New York as a secretary in the Chrysler Bldg.

I’ve got to go to the Link Trainer Building now honey, so I’ll take off. Give my love to Bob. I hope she had a happy birthday. What did you get her for me? I love you honey, with all my heart.

Love ‘n’ Kisses


[Transcription ends]