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Personal Letter


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My Darling,

Guess what- I’m not working any more. Left today at noon time for good- Boy what a relief. Honestly, I feel 100% better now.

Now I’ll be able to write you every day. Either at night or during the day.

Gee, honey in 20 more days we’ll be married. Oh, did you hear about the order closing all places of entertainment next Monday to preserve fuel. That really will be something!

Oh, honey, we can’t get a tube for my radio- it needs one tube but no one can get it. So I guess we won’t have a radio- I’ll miss it so.

Just finished reading a book- The “Ideal Marriage” or something like that- Ahem!

Hoagy Carmichael is singing now. I like the way he sings. He’s in “To Have And Have Not”. We’re going to see that tonight. Lauren Becall is in it as you’ve probably heard. I like her loads.

Oh, darling, I know how superstitious you are but if I got you an identification bracelet for graduation would you wear it? I wanted to ask because I didn’t think you would- But sorta hoped. I can blame you, though.

Bobbie is leaving for Texas Thursday. Gee, honey, I wish I were coming down to see you Thursday. It seems so darned long. At the most though, I’ll see you in 18 days.

Gee, darling, I miss you more and more every hour. It must be a good year since the last time we were together. My love it seems centuries at least!

Darling, what happened between you and Sweetie? Think I asked you last night but I was half asleep and ([?]) (new word) sure.

Honey, remember you wanted me to get a night gown that buttoned down the front. Well they just don’t make them that way! I’ve tried + tried + tried. You like those sarong like pajamas, don’t you. I’ll get those.

Golly, I’m glad you only get married once. I couldn’t go through this again! It’s fun though.

Did you start instruments yet, darling. Mom said you were going to Sunday. Hope they’re easy. You were sorta worried about them weren’t you or weren’t you?

Oh, I’m glad that your uncle wrote you. That was nice of him. You should be good to him- very!

Golly honey, it’s going to be marvelous to be with you always! I love you so. You’re going to be the most wonderful husband there ever was.

Oh, hon, don’t forget to tell me about the scotch.

Well, honey, Daddy’s coming home now so I won’t be able to write much more.

I love you more than I’ll ever be able to tell you-

You’ll have all my love,



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