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Judd dear—

I always hate so to see you go—It’s been so wonderful looking forward to each week-end—even if we don’t see you much, we know you’re near—

You must wonder why I am writing to you but since I am always playing middle man there’s one thing I want to ask you to do—

You must admit that you have kind of neglected Mother lately so would you do me a favor— Ask her out to dinner next Saturday night—you could go early & have a nice dinner together & then bring her home & you go see Dottie— It would make her so terribly happy just to have a couple of hours alone with you— Please do this for me— Don’t worry about the money part of it—We’ll work that out— Sit down now & write to her & ask her if she would like that idea but please don’t ever let her know that I suggested it— Your taking her out would do her a lot of good— You must never forget that you are her “ideal”— She adores you so—& so do I—as you know— We are so proud of you—

And so very fond of Dottie— She is a wonderful girl and I love her a lot—

I know how much you want to be with Dottie but please do this one thing for me— It would make Mom so happy.

I love you, honey, and take care of yourself—

No news to write—Mom went Xmas shopping today—

Love, Kisses & hugs—


Please do this for me—honey-- Thank you—

[Transcription ends]