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Dear Mom,

I’ve got a hangover honey and I love it. This weekend I went to Valdasta with my bottle of Scotch to see Steve. He’s fine and sends his best to you honey. He really thinks you’re tops, and he’s sure right.

We didn’t do much. I saw all the boys from Stewart it was a lot of fun. We got a hotel room and got a little high.

Yesterday I reserved your room honey at the Colquitte. I got two double rooms with twin beds. I figured that you and Dottie could have one and the Six’s the other. They are $5.00 a piece per day. Is that O.K. honey. Let me know if it isn’t and I’ll make other arrangements. I also found out about the marraige [sic] licsence [sic]. It doesn’t take any time at all , all we have to do is sign it, no blood test or anything, just two Wheaties’ box tops, what a state!

Honey could you send me Uncle Guy’s address again? I lost your letter with the first on[e] in it.

How is you[r] cold honey? Are you feeling better? I hope so, I don’t like to hear that you’re sick angel.

I’m glad you had a good time lst Friday. Steppin’ out with the girls, eh? Say hello to them all for me.

Did you get my picture? I hope you like it honey.

By all means bring a bottle when you come. We’ll have to have some drinks together honey, and you can’t get any down here, last night is the first time I’ve even tasted beer since I’ve been here.

I passed my check O.K. and have started my backseat landings, or “controlled crashes” as we call them. They’re really rough, it’s like flying another airplane. I haven’t had any night work as yet. I start that this week I think, and once I start it’s really hell. We usually fly until three in the morning, and on the X-countries we fly all night in shifts.

I love you honey and miss you oh so much.

Give my love and a kiss to Nan and Bob, and take a heartful and a thousand from

Your Devoted Son


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