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Dear Mom,

I’m SO sorry I haven’t written you this week honey, but it’s been a mad one.

I flew Thursday night until 2:30 in the morning and I’ve got to fly again tonight for fifteen minutes to finish up my night transition to clear me for night cross countries, which I’ll start Wednsday [sic] night.

I went over and got some of my clothes today. They’re really sharp. I’ve cut down on what I’m getting to save money. I’m only going to get about $190 worth. That will leave me $60 extra, which I can keep. I’m trying hard to save some money but I’m having a hell of a time. I no sooner think of a way and then I think of something else I need to get. I hope Uncle Guy comes through with something, if he doesn’t we’ll be living on my reputation until my first pay day. I made all my plans on not getting a leave and staying here for transition, but now I’ve got 13 days and we’ve got to get to Texas. Honey I’m worried, do you think I should have Dottie go back with her folks or a few days after until I get to Amarillo and get my first pay check? I won’t be flat broke by any means but it will be plenty tough and I wouldn’t be able to have any sort of a honeymoon or place to live until then. I guess there’s no sense worrying however, there’s nothing we can do about it.

Well I’ve got 41 hours now, 29 to go and 27 more days, I’m counting everyone of them.

I guess Dottie told you I’m getting the rings. I didn’t think it was right for her to get them, it’s up to me. They have nice ones here and I’m getting a discount. You know that Mr. Six couldn’t get 70 – 75% off honey. They’re a little inclined to exaggerate. They told me that they could get me 1/3 off on the luggage and all we got was 10%, the same with the silver. It stands to reason that now especially it would be absolutely impossible to get a $20 ring say, for $5; and Harry claims he can, if he could get 75% off (B. S.)

Oh there’s one thing honey. I’m going to give you my wings that I receive on graduation, but you have to give me a pair in exchange, it’s an old Army superstition and you have to pin them on honey. Another thing, could you bring me down some pajamas, I can’t get any decent ones here. Just get some cheap cotton ones, not wool or flannel. A couple or three pairs will do. I’ll pay for them when you get here. O.K.?

What about your suitcase honey, will you need it? Let me know and I’ll send it to you. I got one for myself at the P.X. the other day it’s a B-4 bag sometimes called a “Charlie” bag. Holds a load of stuff too. I got it for $15 it was a $20 bag so that wasn’t so bad. Money, money, gosh we’re both pretty broke aren’t we honey?

Well, don’t you worry about it, it’ll work out O.K. I love you honey and miss you so much.

You’re so sweet to me honey, I can hardly wait to see you in March.

Give my love to Bob & Nan and a kiss to each of there [sic] swell kids.

And a thousand more for you honey, I love you.

Your devoted Son


P. S.—Don’t forget to bring my bathrobe down. Are you going to sew the “Judd” on it? If you haven’t use the enclosed.

I love you!

[Transcription ends]