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My Darling,

How are you, honey. I’m so lonesome. Gee- every single day I miss you more and more. Well, in fifteen more days, we’ll be married, honey. Golly, two weeks from tomorrow. Times getting closer.

Well, honey it’s about two hours since I began writing this. Since then I’ve washed my hair and just wasted time in general.

Just think 15 more days! Golly, it isn’t very long but it seems years.

Tomorrow Gilly + I are going to the ice show. Oh before I forget- I finally found a negligee. It’s white + half sorta see throughish. Hope you like it, honey.

Gee, I haven’t done a thing. Should be rushing around getting things all ready so that I can take it easy the last few days but I just can’t do that. Have to leave almost everything til the last minute and then rush madly around. That’s a very bad habit of mine. One of many.

You should be very thankful that you’re not a girl, honey. Everything happens to us. Oh, honey, every place I go they try to sell me nightgowns. It’s very discouraging. I keep telling them I want pajamas + they smile or rather smurk [sic] knowingly and say you’ll change your mind. Just wait and see- I’ll show ‘em.

Everytime I go to New York + plan to get loads of things I come home with one small purchase. How many more trips can I make.

Let’s see, what was there I meant to tell you. Oh, yes- got two letters from you today. You’re so sweet, darling. Where are they, oh, yes just a sec-

I’ll answer the first one first. Oh, you reminded me. The sunny south musn’t [sic] forget my rain coat.

Must also remember to see “Tonight And Every Night”. Haven’t heard anything about it but if you say it’s hot, it sure must be!

I like it to rain because then you can write. Golly, probably after we’re married I’ll turn into a regular rain worshipper. Pray for it everyday.

I say old top, some British joker could get away with that technique but it’s not your type. What kind of results are you trying to get? Huh? I kinda like the old way better.

I’m half asleep, too, honey so if this sounds extra dippy that’s why.

When did this “twenty –mission” rush come in? I always thought it was “fifty-mission” rush. Why didn’t you try jumping on them honey? Oh, you saw “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo”, didn’t you? Well, do you wear those leather jackets often? I like them- you’d look real sharp in one.

Gee, honey, I love you- only 15 more days. That sounds so long in a way but not long at all in another way.

I hope that you finish flying soon, darling. What will happen if you finish sooner? Will they give you Friday and Saturday off, do you think? I hope we can be together for a while before we’re married.

Mother said to send her love! Golly, Bobbie is probably in Texas now. I wish I were down in Moultrie now with you.

How are instruments, honey? Hope they’re not too hard. They sound awful! You have 10:15 more hours, don’t you. I’ll be glad when you’re through. You should be calling me any day now. In about five more days to let me know what you’ll be.

Gee, Oh- I almost forgot, honey- Hilda is going to bring a movie camera down and take movies of the wedding. Won’t that be wonderful! I’m so happy. I’ve always wanted to have movies taken of my wedding. You’ll look marvelous in movies. I love you so much.

How did you ever get so handsome, darling? You’re too good looking for one man. (not for a woman, though).

Gee, it will be marvelous to see you again. Well, darling, this wasn’t very long but I’ve been interrupted more times. It’s taken six hours to write this.

I’ll write again tomorrow, honey. I love you more than anything else in the world.

Can hardly wait to see you again.

I love you so.



[Translation ends]