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Miss D. Six
NEW YORK 18, N. Y.

A/C Judson Clark
Sqdrn 5 Class 45-A
Cadet Detachment
Stewart Field
Newburgh, N. Y.

[Transcription begins]:

Dearest Judson—

Hi—It’s tonight now. We were so busy all day that I couldn’t write you. This will be pretty short because I have to get ready to go out in a few seconds. I got home & found a letter from you that you had written last Thursday. Something must have slowed up the mail because I usually get your letters much sooner. It was o.k. though because I certainly didn’t expect it and it was such a nice surprise.

Well, one day is over. Now there are only five more days until you get home again. Isn’t it awful the way the week drags by. Today went so fast. It was very nice. Hope it does that more often.

Oh, this morning when I woke up & sat up to get out of bed I got so dizzy and had to lie down again. But after a while I felt fine again & this afternoon we were real busy showing and I felt wonderful. Honestly, everyone is so sick of hearing Judson this & that. They’re about ready to shoot me—I’d love to get to bed early tonight but there’s not much chance.

There were millions of things, again, that I wanted to write. Now they’ve slipped my mind. Probably weren’t important anyway.

Do you have much time to think? When we’re showing I always day dream & smile at the buyers sorta half-in-a-fogish. They’ll begin to get discusted [sic] pretty soon. I think about you all the time & every time I open my mouth it’s an effort not to say something about you.

Please answer my questions. Didn’t ask many this time but when I do please answer them. Golly, I wish you were home more often. I’m so afraid that you were right when you said that about us or at least you mistaking friendship for love or however it was. That’s awful & it’s not true as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had loads of very good friends but the way I felt towards them wasn’t anything like the way I feel towards you.

Oh, I keep thinking of things I want to ask you & before I can get them all written down, forget them. Did you find out about getting Woody a date for Saturday night? We rode down on the train together today and she is a panic. She’s so funny. Everyone on the train was looking at me. We were laughing so hard at her.

Have to eat dinner now, honey. Will try to write again before I go out.

Well, hon, there’s not much time but please write soon & often. Your letters are so wonderful and it’s one thing to look forward to when I come home. I love you.

Lots of love,
[Transcription ends]