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My Darling,

Well, well, well, you certainly have gotten in a much better mood. Lord, what an improvement. Honestly, honey, you shouldn’t write when you’re in such a horid [sic] mood. It makes me feel so awful. In fact that’s why I didn’t write yesterday.

What on earth ever happened. There must be a mistake somewhere. You just couldn’t predict the weather right! That’s too much. Guess the law of averages was with you. It’s about time.

Gee, honey, I wish they’d hurry and finish you with those instruments. They must be awfully hard. Oh, we saw “Winged Victory” Monday. Gee, it was good. Golly, honey, I knew it was tough but, golly, I never realized it was that bad before. You’re really wonderful to get through it. Golly, I know I never could.

Night before last I had the funniest dream. Dreampt [sic] there was a cadet air corps for women + I was in it. You were ahead of me + I was crazy about it. Flying was wonderful. It was probably from seeing “Winged Victory”. I was so worried about how I was going to get a leave to get married when you graduated.

Yesterday Hilda + I went to New York. Got me another dress and bought mother one, too. Hope that she likes hers.

Bob is home now. Last night I went to Pelham to see “Summer Story” + when I came home Alice + Bob S. + Bob G. were here. All I did was talk about you + show them your pictures. Oh, did I tell you, Louie’s engages to some gal from Chicago.

I’m glader [sic] than you could be that I’ve left that job. But, it’s terrible. I haven’t written very much since then.

Oh, I got a letter from Don today. He was at sea when he wrote it and didn’t know where he was going. I supposed he’s there now. Well, honey, when you don’t fly again for such a long time- it’s all right with me if you sit around and jump down each other’s throats but when you start on mine- that’s when I object. I realized kinda that you wouldn’t write a letter like that but you had to get angry with someone. But just the same it made me feel lousy for the past two days.

Golly, darling, in one week from today we’ll be leaving to come down- and in eleven more days we’ll be married.

How many more hours do you have to get in hon? Will you be able to make it? Will you be able to get a pass, honey, to meet us on Friday? Do you want us to send you a telegram just when we’re leaving Atlanta or something?

Gee darling, I don’t believe they’ll ever be over with. Today is the last day of February. In a way this time has gone so fast but it seems so much longer since the last time we were together.

Is Steve going to be able to be at our wedding at all? Did I tell you that Hilda is borrowing a movie camera and we’re going to have a movie of our wedding? Oh, will there be someone who can take the pictures for us? Any of the cadets know a lot about cameras? Oh, golly, honey I sure wish we could be together sooner. But eleven days isn’t long.

Wait a sec- I’ll go and look for the number of that tube. I’m not positive but it’s 25Z6 I think. Daddy has the tube so I’ll have to find out from him. Oh, before I forget, honey, can you get any 127 film sown there? If you can get as much as you can so we can take a lot of pictures of everything. Oh, do they allow cameras on the field?

Oh, golly, what a mad rush we’re going to have these next few days. Getting packed + everything. I’m sure I’ll forget three quarter of my stuff. Golly, honey, you should see the junk I have to bring down.

Well, honey, if you have to have a new one, would you like me to get it for you? I really would love to. An identification bracelet I mean. I was answering your letter + didn’t realize you wouldn’t know what I was talking about. DO you want a silver or gold one?

When are you going to find out what you’re going to be, honey? Tomorrow will be ten days before you graduate. I hope you don’t call then because mother is meeting me to get her dress for the wedding.

Yes, honey, I have my bracelet engraved. Had “Dottie” on the front and “Judd 12/25/44” on the back. O.K.? Yes, I had already told you a few times.

Golly, honey, I’m having the worst time trying to find what I want. It’s just about impossible! Well, that nightgown with buttons down the front is absolutely not. There just isn’t any such thing.

I have three nightgowns now. All gifts. I hate nightgowns, too. One is black, one is pink + the other is white.

Gee, honey, you must be awfully busy. I wish I was the organized type. It’s terrible, I just can’t do anything until the last minute. I hope you won’t have any trouble getting the rings.

When does the list go up? I mean the one for Lieutenant? I don’t care either, as long as you’re happy.

Is Tom going to be your best man now? What a mixed up wedding this is.

“To Have + Have Not” was terrific. Lauren Bacall is too. I liked it a lot.

Well, darling, I have to go + see if I can get a dress fitted. That’s as hard as finding cigarettes. Everyone is so busy now, they just laugh. Maybe I can find a tailor today.

Well, darling, I’ll try to write again tonight.

I love you so, darling and miss you more and more. Well, it won’t be long now, honey. Only eleven more days and we’ll be married.

I love you more than I’ll ever be able to tell you.

You’ll have all my love, my darling.



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