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Hotel Albert

Selma, Ala., March 15, 1945

My darling husband,

One day has gone by and it was a day wasted. Any day that I don’t see you is. Just woke up a few seconds ago, sweetheart.

It was awful to sleep along without you, honey. One good thing was that I was so tired hat I went right to sleep + slept until around nine almost without waking up.

Gee, darling, marriage sure can make a difference in a person’s life. I feel so sorry for all my friends who aren’t’ married. The poor girls- oh, well, they don’t know what they’re missing so that probably is all right.

Everyone was so right who told me about you’ll wonder how you ever lived before without it. It seems as though we’d always been married.

It really amazes me now more than ever how girls can marry someone they don’t really love. Julie + I were talking about that last night. If I wasn’t madly in love with you it would make me hate you more to even touch me. I just can’t see how they ever could.

Marriage is the most wonderful think in the world when you’re in love. And I sure am in love with you.

Being away from you is so awful. Part of me just isn’t- (this is the worst pen).

Golly, darling, I hope the 31st hurries and gets here. Golly, what a marriage. We’ve only been married less than a week and you’re miles away. They can’t do that to us.

How do you like the field down there. It’s supposed to be awful from what I’ve heard. How do you like air gunnery. I suppose you do a lot.

It’s miserable day today. Looks like it’s going to rain any minute. I’m so glad that we had such a beautiful day for you graduation + wedding. I wish that you had married me before you graduated- at Christmas. But I suppose it would have been awful because you never got open Post. It seems so long ago- Christmas I mean. Years and years- and it seems like eight million years since we were together.

Gee, honey, I hope you’re at this post a good long time. Don’t get angry. I know you don’t but I like it here. Everyone has been so nice and besides the longer you’re here, the longer we can be together.

Last night I slept in the top to your pajamas- slightly large but it was comfortable. Besides you wore them and it made me not so lonesome.

I really should get up + get ready to go to Mrs. Moseley’s. I would rather write to you though. How I’ll ever get there with all this extra stuff will be a problem. My suitcases are packed real full and there’s still all the clothes in the closet to go.

Oh, honey, I love you so. Being married to you is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. You’re so sweet and understanding and thoughtful and the most wonderful husband in the world. Lord, I’m lucky.

Today I’ll be real good + write to mom. I just was too beat last night and too busy all day.

I wish that the 31st would hurry- Golly after we were married I never thought I’d be anxious for the days to hurry. After the 31st though when we’re together again I hope they go so nice and slowly.

Julie’s going to try to get some film for me but it won’t do much good until you fix the camera. She said she knew an officer who wanted to sell a car but can’t remember who it was. Maybe we can buy one.

Julie wants me to go out to the Post + get my pass. I’m sorta afraid to go when you’re not here. It wouldn’t see right but I would like to see the bulletin board + try to get a house- I mean a room.

Well, darling, I’d better get a bath + start packing- I love you so, honey. I miss you terribly. I love you more than I ever thought possible.

Well, darling, here I am at Mrs. Moseley’s. It’s a nice clean place but holy cow if you breathe around here, it sounds like an A9-6 taking off. Everyone is so darned quiet. We’d never be able to stay here. They’d probably throw us out at the first night. Well, I’ll look for a room tomorrow. I have to stay here a week + maybe at the end of that time something will turn up. It’s raining now I think.

Golly, honey, I miss you so. Every time I say my husband- it sounds so nice. I wish you were here with me now. It’s thundering and we could be so comfortable here. The bed doesn’t squeak by the way.

I hope that I can find someplace to live before this week is up because you’d go crazy here. We’d undoubtedly be requested to leave the way we carry on. Lord, in the middle of the night we get the maddest ideas- remember?

Gee, honey, I wish I could tell you how very much I love you. It is so lonesome without you, honey- life just isn’t the same for me.

These seventeen days shouldn’t take too long but I know every minute will seem like a thousand years. I love you so, Judd. I’m so happy honey, of course not as happy as I’d be if you were here- but you know what I mean. Everyone at the hotel is trying to find us a room, honey. I sure hope I can find one near to town for when you come back.

Julie + Betty Jo + I will probably go to the movies tonight. Julie is so nice to me. She wouldn’t let me be alone at all. Afraid I’ll get lonesome but she’s no consolation. You’re all I need, baby + you’re all I’ll ever need. Without you my life just wouldn’t be anything. I couldn’t live without you, honey.

What a difference marriage can make. I never thought I would ever be dependent upon one man for my happiness. It sure changes everything. Golly, I love you. Every minute we’re together makes me love you more + more.

My husband- that sure sounds wonderful and you sure are- Golly, Judd, I never dreamed I could be so happy. You’re so wonderful, honey and I’m so proud to be your wife.

I hope that one morning soon we’ll be able to lie in bed together + not have to get up a four or five so that I can just sit and look at you. You look so adorable when you’re asleep.

I hope that you’re not working too hard + that the weather is nice down there. It would be horrible if it wasn’t and they made you stay down longer- what an awful thought.

Do you miss me, honey? Golly, I miss you. Millions more than I ever did before. If these seventeen days don’t hurry I’ll be so lonesome that it will be almost dangerous for you to get back.

I wish we could find a handcuff or something so that they could never make us apart. We just shouldn’t be separated darling.

It’s funny, darling, ever since I first met you I’ve had that we were meant for each other feeling. As we sure were.

Honey, would you mind awfully if something happened- that sounds queer but I mean if I did have a baby. I know that you’d hate to be tied down. If we were going to have one maybe it would be better if I didn’t tell you about it. I wouldn’t want you to worry or be unhappy.

You know how I feel about it, honey, in case- But you know how I feel. I love you so, my darling. Being away from you is just like living in a sorta semi-existence. Life won’t be the same until you and I are together again. Then everything will be perfect + I’ll be so happy.

Darling, I’ll never be able to tell you how much I love you or show you. I’ll be trying to for the rest of our lives but it just can’t be done. Besides, my love for you keeps growing stronger every day. I was sure before we were married- when everyone said you’ll love each other more after you’re married that I couldn’t possible love you any more, but I do and every day I love you more.

Honey, I’ll be so happy when we’re together again. Just walking down the street with you will be wonderful and being in your arms again will be heaven.

Honey, I wish I could write the way I feel but I just can’t express it. You always say the sweetest things, Judd. I love you so.

Golly, it’s pouring! Have to get some more ink- just a sec

Oh, honey, I must remember to write to the paper. I can’t do anything- I’m much too much in love. That’s the understatement of the year. Golly, darling, you sure have changed me. How I love it, too.

Julie is wrapping Tom’s glasses that he left at her house and we’ll probably mail them tonight + you can give them to Tom. I should go into town now + get some of the things that I’ve forgotten to. I can’t find my tooth brush. You must have it, honey. Do you? I’ll get one tonight anyway.

Honey, I hope I’ll be a good wife. I can’t do a thing a wife is supposed to- can’t cook + don’t like to- can’t keep house + have no ambition to- can’t do much of anything but love you. That’s the only thing I like to do, too. I guess I’ll just have to devote all my time + energy to that. What a wonderful job.

I have your pictures by my bed darling so that when I wake up every morning that’s the first thing I see.

Honey, it sure was fate that brought us together. I’m so lucky darling to have you for my husband. I’ll be thankful for you for always. I can’t imagine what I ever would have done without you. Being your wife, darling, is so heavenly. Lord, I’m lucky- and so much in love.

Don’t suppose that you’ll have any time to write will you, honey, but try to because I miss you so much and want to hear from you so. The hotel said they’d keep any mail that came for me. By the way, have you gotten any for me?

Gee, Judd, I never dreamed I could be so completely in love with anyone. I was in love with you before we married but it was nothing compared to this.

Every minute we’re together is wonderful. I’ll be so glad when we are together again. What a thing for the Army to do. Here we’ve practically just been married and what do they do- separate us. At a time like this, too.

I tried to write a letter to mom + my mother but I just can’t. It’s just as thought they were here when we were together. I can‘t write to anyone but you. Told mom that you were going to air gunnery school. It’s awful, Judd. I could write to you all night but a page is the most I can write anyone else.

Gee, honey, I’ll sure be glad when you’re back here again. Without you I’m completely lost. Like a fish out of water only worse. Golly, I love you so.

I’ll be so happy to be with you again, honey. It’s going to be wonderful. That’s all I can think about- you.

My darling, I miss you so. Golly, honey, you can’t imagine how much.

Well sweetheart, I guess I’d better start going into Selma before all the stores close. Oh, I can eat now it’s amazing.

Please try to write often darling, a letter from you would mean so much. I hope you don’t mind if I sleep in the tops of your pajamas but it makes me feel closer to you + not quite so lonesome.

I love you so, darling. I’ll mail this now + will probably write when I get back from the movies.

How long does it take for you to get my mail? I love you so honey.

I miss you so much, darling. Til we’re together again. My darling, I love you + I’m always



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