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My Darling,

Hello honey, anything new happening in the outside world today? Gosh this is really pitiful. I can stand on the front porch of the B.O.Q. and hit almost every building on this fugitive from a cabbage farm with a rock. I just can’t hit base operations must be getting weak, base operations I like that, this places isn’t even on a foundation.

Today Tom and I took a walk to like the dump over with our maps, compasses, and three days rations, and went about 200 feet and were almost arrested for leaving the Post without authority. I’ve seen dance floors half as big as this place, (well ¼ anyhow).

And the G.I.’s down here are really bad off. Today in the P.X. somebody happened to mention Roosevelt and this poor load at the corner of the bar looks up and says, “My God what happened to Hoover!” – I don’t know they ought to give us overseas pay or something. Every other day they send a guy here with a pack horse and some supplies to bring back some newspapers so we’re not emotionally cut off.

Otherwise, baby, I’m very happy, but also very lonely. A woman on this post isn’t a rarity it’s an impossibility, the military personnel would no doubt show themselves as their crude ancestors were, hasty and hungry. Oh well, only 17 days.

I didn’t fly today there was a 400’ foot cieling [sic] all day blowing right in off the Gulf. We’re about 10 miles inland, around 50 miles East of Pensacola, I guess I told you I’m not at Eglin itself, it’s Eglin #6, the outpost of the lost patrol. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get 100 rounds in, I sure hope so. It will be alot [sic] of fun, we have tow .30 caliber machine guns in the At-6’s one in the wing and one firing through the prop. I get 3000 rounds, 2000 air to air at a sleeve towed behind another plane, and 1000 air to ground at targets. It’s o.k. but I sure hate to be away from you honey. I miss coming home to you at night honey, gosh you’re nice to come home to. It’s funny the little things you think about when I’m away from you honey. Like the way you wear my bathrobe around or mix my drinks for me. Baby, I’m kinda in love with you.

Goodnight darling, I love you with all my heart, and will love you always.

Your devoted husband


P.S. - Did you get a place to stay yet?

P.P.S. - I love you

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