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My Darling,

Well I flew today at last. It seemed swell to get back to it again, only 55 minutes but everything helps.

About two this afternoon somebody caught a glimpse of blue sky so we grabbed our chutes and took off. Today I just fired on the ground range with a cameras but if we fly tomorrow we’ll start using guns. Once this schedule gets moving it really rolls. We take of in six ship formation at the field and make for the range about 10 miles north. When we get there we peel off and fly a rectangular pattern at 700’ each in turn diving down at the targets as he reaches the end of the range. We dive at about 160 to 50 feet above the ground, firing at the targets 6’x6’ on the grounds and the pull up into a sharp climbing turn. It’s really fun, but tricky as hell.

The last class went through here in 10 days, but they flew every day. We could too if this damned weather was good. All we got today was about two hours of lousey [sic] flying weather, it was still cloudy and very low.

S’cuse me, I gotta put a nickel in the slot machine nuts- another nickel shot to hell. All we do around here all night is play the slot machines, dice, and poker. I won 48¢ last night! I’d like to catch that joker that bet 3 cents. Some people- phooey. Oh well, we gotta keep happy.

Gosh honey I miss you. It’s awful to get into bed at night alone. We drew a calendar on the wall of our room and we’re all marking off the days again. Gosh I thought I was through with that. Two more weeks baby, maybe less if the weather is good.

I told mom I was down here but I forgot to tell her not to tell your mother. I don’t think she will however. I hope not your mother would worry about you.

What have you been doing honey? Are you still in the hotel? I hate to be away from you like this angel, but I can’t be helped.

I love you my darling more than I thought I could ever love anyone, and in a way that I thought I could never love anyone either. Honey, you’re it, I’m only sorry I didn’t find you sooner.

You’ll have all my love and devotion- always.

Your devoted husband


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