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My Darling-

Can’t remember whether or not I wrote to you Friday night- If I did, don’t know where the letter is. Anyway it probably wasn’t anything interesting- Couldn’t have been very long because Woody and I went to the movies. Saw “Can’t Help Singing” and “The Jade Mask”. Oh, you sounded so far away today when you called. Golly, this morning seems so long ago. It seems at least a day away. It seems hours. This has been the longest day.

Gee, honey, it was wonderful to hear your voice again.

I love you so much, darling. Just a month from today and we’ll be married. Gee.

Oh, honey, I’m glad that you’re going to get the wedding rings. How much is yours going to be? What kind are you getting- be sure that mine will go with my engagement ring, honey. I’ll either send you the money or give it to you when I come down- whichever is best for you- so let me know.

Golly, honey, you’re so organized and you’ve got everything so organized and all arranged and everything. You’re just wonderful. I’ve got millions of things to do but just can’t seem to get started.

Well, I did the most important thing anyhow- Bought my wedding dress. Hope that you’ll like it, darling. It’s more or less ivory satin but not the kind of ivory that looks dirty. Wish I could draw then I could give you an idea. Oh, well- it will be better if you’re completely surprised. I hope pleasantly. I think the dress is beautiful- of course I’m probably prejudiced. It has a train- not too long.

Charlotte’s definitely coming down. Don’t get two double rooms if you can possibly advoid [sic] it, darling because we can have more fun all together. If they can’t bring in an extra bed, three of us can sleep together.

Oh, honey, is the graduation dance going to be on Friday? Can you get Charlotte a date? I hope that all the fellows don’t have their girls down. Do you think that you can?

Let’s see. What else was there to talk about.

Honestly, honey, my mind is a complete blank I just can’t concentrate on anything. Must be love-

I’ve been trying to get Mom all day. Maybe she’s in Brooklyn or something. Wanted to tell her that you called.

Gee, honey, when you called I was completely surprised. Couldn’t remember a darned thing that I wanted to ask you and still can’t. Besides that my voice is or was going away. It was very helpful for a good intelligent conversation- since I’ll half asleep now this will be a great letter.

Oh, I was looking for a sweater today and came across some pictures that we took a year ago thanksgiving. A girl I used to work with is the one with mother and I. She was from Cleveland and wall all alone so I invited her up for dinner.

They’re horrible pictures but what can you expect with me in front of the camera. That was when I used to eat bullets- my hair shot out in bangs.

Honey, do you ¾ length coats? I’m trying to decide whether I do. Saw a cute one last Saturday and maybe I’ll get it next weekend. Oh, honey, guess what. Mother gave me a can opener. Now we can eat! It’s the kind that I can use, too! Well, at least we won’t starve now- I hope.

Oh, golly, my darling, I miss you so much. Every day I miss you more and more.

Well, honey, things don’t look too good for around the 10th or 11th. Honestly, everything happens to us- I’m almost positive but until the 10th or maybe the 11th can’t be sure.

I told you on the phone that I got my dress. Oh, I guess I wrote you that in the letter, too. See what I mean- I’m really in a hopeless condition.

It really was an accident about my buying the dress. Charlotte and I were looking for a dress for her to wear to the wedding and I happened to see this store where they advertised bridal dresses all the time. We went in just to look and their dresses were all right. Nothing to rave about but they were nice. They didn’t fit me too well. Then she brought out a dress that they used as a window sample. That’s smaller than a size 10 + fitted perfectly. So now I’m all happy and all I have to do is pay for it and leave an arm and leg and the dress will be mine.

Oh honey, how hot will it be down there in March? Golly, that dress is probably going to be so hot. It’s all satin- Golly, I’ll probably die of the heat.

What else did I want to ask you? Something happened to this pen and its scratching and writing funny. Fine thing.

Gee, honey, what a wreck I am. There are a million and one things to be done yet but something always happens. You’re really wonderful to be getting everything done so quickly.

Guess I’m not the efficient type.

Gee, honey I hope these next few weeks go fast. I love you so and it’s been so long since we were together.

That Flight Officer Exam sounds quite odd to say the least. How they can grade anything like that is really amazing. Wonder what the right answers were supposed to be. By the way, did you find the purple flag yet? What kind of morons are Flight Officers anyway. That must have been some test. When do you find out? Do they give you an exam for Lieutenant, too? Hope that’s on a higher plane-

Isn’t it strange that I’ve always called you Judson- Don’t know why. Alway did like your name though. Now I call you Judd almost all the time when I talk about you which is always.

Well, if the paper said it was all right to get married when you can’t cook, guess it’s all right. But, honey, will they send someone from the paper down to cook for you when you’re hungry?

It would be such a waste of time to get married at home. Everything is really much more complicated this way. If you only knew how much more.

Of course we really haven’t any argument because it’s costing more to come down than any wedding and reception ever would and besides- oh, heck, I’m not on that side- I like this way better.

Gee, honey, do you think that we’ll have enough money for me to ride all day? When you’re flying I’d like to ride. As often + as much as possible- we can worry about that later, though.

Gee, honey, I wish I were flying so that the time would pass quickly. It just drags so slowly.

I’m so glad that you have 40 hours in. You’ll have to be doing a lot of flying from now on to get those last thirty hours in.

You flew this afternoon, too. Have you started instruments and night flying, honey?

Tomorrow I probably won’t write because Daddy and I are going to see “Winged Victory” I hope. How did you like shooting skeet? Was it fun- I’d love to learn how to shoot. Maybe I can find a cowboy in Texas- on second thought, maybe you could teach me.

How’s my little grounded goose tonight? I can just see you feeling like one when you don’t fly.

Every day that we’re apart just seems wasted. I hope March hurries.

Darling, I’ll never be able to tell you how much I love you. There are so many different ways but I guess the only one I ever can think of is I love you and that’s not very expressive. Gee, honey, I’m so glad that you sent me those pictures. I just sit and look at them for hours. That’s one reason it takes me so long to write a letter to you. They’re wonderful just like you.

I love you so, my darling- wish I could tell you how much. Heard “If You Are But a Dream” today- I miss you so whenever I hear any of the song that we heard together.

Oh, saw “Together, Again” Morra was very good.

Well, hun, it’s late again. I love you so. Hope we won’t be apart much longer.

I love you and miss you more every day.

You’ll have all my love.



[Translation ends]