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Dearest Dottie,

Good evening, darling. This is your little tour walker bringing you Sugar Report #14-764-N.

Many items of great interest are in the news tonight.

1. I love you.
2. It was cold today
3. I love you.
4. Where did a certain girl in a certain town in New York get those beautiful eyes?
5. You’re wonderful
6. I love you.

And that covers the news for this evening. Be sure to get your next Sugar Report from the nearest Postman tomorrow!

Gosh hon, it will seem funny to have a long Saturday night for a change, one with the full twelve hours, instead of the scanty twelve minutes that these past few have been.

It was swell to talk to you last night, even if it was about moves, and yellow gold, and turkish bath’s. We never seem to talk about important things do we? Except our wedding, and you. So—let’s talk about something important, for a change.

O.K. hon, let’s get a yellow gold ring. I thought you didn’t like yellow gold. I like it better than white, it makes the diamond(s) look much brighter;—and also then we can get wedding bands that match.

I looked at one that a fella has up here. It’s really sharp. About 1/16” thick. Sort of a design on it. You wouldn’t want just a plain band would, you? They look too much like curtain rings.

We’ll probably have all this talked over by the time you get this, but it’s nice to talk about, anyhow.

Gosh hon, I still can’t believe it. You of all people.

Yes I remember the day we walked in the rain, I guess I fell in love with you that day.

I remember we walked over to my house, and Owen came. We played some records on my Victrola. I can remember you lying in front of it on your stomach (I remember the damndest [sic] things).

Gee I’ve known you a long time, haven’t I? Yet every time I see you, I fell [sic] that I meet you all over again, love’s a strange thing all right.

Well darling I’ll see you Sunday, for about six puny hours.

Until then I’ll count the minutes, (and the hours) I love you, darling,—you’ll never know how much.

Give my best to your family.

I love you—

As ever
[Transcription ends]