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My Darling,

A solid day of sack-time, (solo). As usual I didn’t fly today, it rained, and I mean rain. And, did it rain. But- I predict I will be clear tomorrow seein’ as which a cold front, with low strato-cumulus and swelling cumulonimbus passed, followed by a high broken condition of alto stratus (understand?) (I don’t) but anyhow it should be clear with the weather we had today it should have rained itself out.

But let’s not talk about the weather, let’s talk about us. Well, I couldn’t get hold of the C.O. today, all the nowboats were being used for official business, so I had to stay on my side of the street. So I’m going to nail him on the line tomorrow morning.

We still haven’t gotten any mail in, this is pitiful. I haven’t got any questions to answer, and there’s no news, so I guess I’ll just have to tell you how much I love you and miss you ; - and gosh baby, that’s a job.

Oh, one thing, we did wade to the movin’-pictures tonight. The local theater (as they call it) is equipped with the finest 16 mm projector available, the only thing is they can’t get any 16 mm (mm= millimeter) film, so we have to suffer through colossal productions of some two-bit company that frowns on knee length dresses. Tonight the might spectacle was “The Dancing Pirate”. The Dancing pirate was some (I can’t spell it) bent 4-F who could dance about as well as Ricky. What a show. Oh well, there’s only 11 more days to go.

The last class they had here in March fired exactly 400 rounds per pilot, and they’re all in combat now, I guess. It’s a fine thing. It takes them about a year and a half to teach you to fly the airplane, and then they expect you to learn the most important thing, that might mean your neck someday, in 17 days! You can be the best flyer in the Air Corps. But if you can’t knock ‘em down, what the hell good are you? I can think of alot [sic] of good changes they could make in this program.

Honey, do you like Nebraska, Lincoln in particular? I’m just wondering that’s all. So don’t bother packing your skis, yet.

Say darling, what do you do for a stiff neck- neck? Boy I’ve got a beaut. This lying in the sack all day is killin’ me.

Speaking of that angel, I guess I’d better climb back in, it’s getting late, as it usually does this time of night. Can’t understand it, every night at this time it gets late, -funny.

I love you my darling and miss you terribly. If I don’t see you this weekend I will Sunday the 1st sometime. That will be Easter Sunday won’t it? I hope I can be with you then darling.

You have all my love and devotion- always.

Your devoted husband,


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