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My darling husband,

How are you, honey – Golly, I miss you so. After you called last night I was so excited at the thought of going to see you. Gee, I sure hope that you can get that weekend pass. That would really be wonderful.

Gee, honey, I wonder when you’ll start getting my letters. I get yours on the day after you mail them. It must be awful not to get mail- I just live for your letters when you’re away.

Golly, darling, it was wonderful to hear your voice again. You have the nicest voice. Sure love it. Golly, I wish it were Thursday. I sure hope that you’re able to get that leave.

The fellow + girl in the front room have just received world that he’s being shipped over. Golly, she’s taking it hard- Her brother was just killed in action so that makes it worse. He’d been declared unfit for overseas duty because of something he’d done to his eye when he was born but the doctors out here passed him yesterday.

Now we have the front room- was going to look at an apartment but AI guess it would be better to stay here- Mrs. Moseley is nice + besides it would be a mess to move.

Henretta (how do you spell it?) (she’s the girl whos leaving) feels awful. She’d expected him to stay here for the duration on this side anyway. She really feels terrible. It must be tough especially when you’re not expecting it. I know that you’ll be going over when you finish training and it’s not going to be as hard for me. It says here- But it must be much harder when it comes out of a clear sky. Besides they’re both older + had a home + everything.

Golly, darling, I’ll be so glad to see you. You can imagine how lonesome I’ve been since you went away. Every day has seemed so long + empty without you, darling. Golly, honey, I can hardly wait to see you.

Thought it was bad when you were down at Spence but this is twice as bad + in a different way. Never knew love could be like this.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be together all day + all night. Golly- it sure would be a novelty. We haven’t’ been together a whole solid day and night so far. It would be wonderful to lie in bed in the morning with you for a change. But I really like Army life except when they send you off without me. That I don’t like at all. Outside of that I like the excitement + uncertainty pretty well. Everyone really lives down around an Air Field- can’t exactly explain it but they live differently than most people.

You sounded as though you were in a wonderful mood, honey, last night. Golly, I wish we weren’t separated- what a married life! Hope we can be alone together for a while before you go over but the way things have been going we’ll be lucky to be together.

Tomorrow some Mrs. Roy wants me to look at her apartment but since Dick + his wife are moving + we can have their room as long as we need it, if you like it here, we might as well stay. Oh, we can decide about that when you get back.

Honey, I’ve come to the decision that I’m kinda madly in love with you. After a long time I’ve decided that you’re the most wonderful man in the world and that I’m so glad that we’re married.

Wonder how many hours you’ve flown now. Wish that you’d get my telegrams + letters. Now the telegram isn’t important because you know my address from the phone call but I’ve been asking you questions right + left.

How was the beer Saturday night? Was it worth being good all week for? Glad to hear you “Ain’t Misbehavin’” hope it’s not just because you can’t.

You should be back in eleven days, honey, but if you haven’t been doing much flying guess it may be longer. Gee, darling, whenever we’re not together the time goes so slowly! You’ll probably be getting busy soon.

Boy, honey, Pensacola will be heaven if I can meet you there. You were so right in assuming that I want to come. There’s nothing I’d rather do than go see you honey, anytime or anyplace.

I’ll probably go crazy by the time Thursday gets here wondering whether you’re going to be able to go to Pensacola or not. I’ll go down + see about buses.

What wacky arrangements we make. There should be a U.S.O. in Pensacola. It’s pretty big. As soon as you call Thursday I’ll wire for reservations at that hotel. It’s the San Carlos or something like that. Maybe you could call from Eglin, honey, yes, that would be better.

You probably won’t even get this letter until next week or maybe when you come back. That’s awful.

Well, darling, it’s getting late and I have to catch a bus into town. Julie + Betty Jo + I have to catch a bus into town. Julie + Betty Jo + I are going to see “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Since we’re going early I guess I’ll be able to write when we get home. I love you so, darling.

It’s awful lonesome without you, honey.

I love you more + more. Hope you’ll be able to get a weekend pass, honey.

I love you with all my heard. And I’ll love you always.

Your devoted wife,


P.S. I love you so, Judd- Golly, I’m glad we’re married even though we are apart. I love you.

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