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My darling husband-

What a beautiful day! The sky is as blue as it can be the only thing is that it’s almost freezing out. Here I’m trying to get suntanned + it gets cold. Fine thing.

It rained off + on all day yesterday. Now I’ve lost the little tan I’d gotten. Just as pale as ever again.

Wish that you would hurry up + start flying- Gee, honey, I’m getting mighty lonesome. Do you realize that we’ve been married almost nine days and we’ve been together off + on for only two + a half! Honey when are we going to have a honeymoon? Golly, what a crazy marriage but I love it- wouldn’t be us if we did things the normal, nice, sane + sensible way.

Everyone is so helpful. They’re always telling me how much worse it could be + that we should be thankful you’re not overseas + they know people who - They just go on like that all the time. It’s a darn good thing I’ve got a sense of humor. This is really a riot when you think about it. It’s not especially funny now but it will be when we’re old + tell our children about it.

Honey, let’s think of some nice unusual names for our kids- (not Leslie). But we’ve got the first boy all settled, what about the rest? I love nicknames- we’ll have to be careful though that the nicknames from their names are nice ones.

I’m waiting for the sun to get a half hour’s warmer before I go out- there’s a terrific breeze now + it’s like the middle of winter.

Gee, darling, I love you so much. Every night when all the instructors start coming home I get so much more lonesome. They all go home to their little wives + are very lucky. Sure wish that you were coming home every night darling. Gee, honey, I really miss you an awful lot. Thought it was bad when you were down at Spence but this is much worse.

But I guess we are lucky at that. Seventeen days isn’t such a long time- it say here. But if I see you this weekend it won’t be so much longer before you’re back here again.

Honey, golly, I love you. Wend out to the Post again today. Wish you were here. (sounds like a postcard.)

What weather- Golly, everyone’s just about freezing around here. It was a nice day though. Sorta windy but there were loads of AT-6’s up. It’s so quiet when they don’t fly.

Golly, darling, tomorrow will be Thursday. You left for Eglin a week ago today. It seems so much longer than that, though. What a week it’s been.

Got the letter you wrote Monday night, honey. Glad you’re practicing your French like a good little boy. Well, it’s nothing definite but I sure hope you’re going to be a French Instructor. Yes, honey, that’s all you need. That would mean that we’d be together that much longer. That means a lot to me. I think you’d bear up under the strain. If they try to make you one, the only thing you could do would be to be a good one! That’s easy!

Well, darling, guess changes for your getting off Saturday aren’t very good. Oh, well, it would have been wonderful and it made the week go faster- just thinking about it. Gee, honey, it’s almost an emergency. Golly, we’ve been married for so long- so long being ten days- and have only been together less than two and a half days.

Oh, well, if it were normal then it just wouldn’t be us. Maybe someday we’ll lead a nice normal peaceful life but I doubt it + hope not. That would probably be very dull.

Besides, I’m very lonesome and in love. The being in love part is just fine but darn the old Army anyhow. They can’t do this to us. Don’t they realize we’re really just married. We, all the wives around here, have come to the conclusion that the Army doesn’t like wives and does about everything they can to make it tough for them.

Honey, do you think we’ll get a leave after this? It doesn’t make much difference to me one way or the other- just as long as we can be together.

Thought you were getting back on the 31st, honey. It seems so darned far away. You said you might be back Sunday at noon.

Golly, darling, I’ll be waiting for that call tomorrow night. Alice, an Officer’s wife down the street is going to let me use her hot water to wash my hair with. Can’t do it here with that fool hot water boiler. Her husband’s been in five years now. He’s due for his Captaincy any day. They’re both nice kids + have been married nine months. They have a black and tan cocker named rebel. She’s so cute. Wish Rex was here. Everyone has a dog. Almost all cockers too. Boy, if you have a dog or a baby, though, you might as well give up. No one will rent to you.

Why in the name of heaven don’t they let you fly when it’s nice. That’s burning me up. Why do they waste all that time. They’d think we’d been married for a long time the way they keep us apart.

Was hunting fun? I’d love to go sometime. Golly, I never could hit the broad side of a barn. Maybe you could teach me. Well, well, so you’ve got a nice even tan all over, huh. Think maybe I’ll find me a place like Eglin- without the men + go for a [?] + get me a nice even tan. I tried again today but just when the sun got warm enough, it got really cloudy + the wind was so strong I had to come in. So now I’m as pale as ever.

Wanted to get a nice tan before I went to Pensacola- I sure hope I’ll be going now. It’s awful not knowing but it’s almost better not to know because then I can hope.

Oh, is that how you found out my phone. I thought the hotel had told you. They know where I was. Oh, no- the night people didn’t. The U.S.O. is a big help sometimes.

Young man has anyone ever told you that you have very wolfish tendencies? And that now that you are a married man you must learn to control them. In fact you should abolish them altogether.

Well, the room has a double bed. (Tried so hard to find twin beds- ahem!) + that’s the most important thing. There’s a closet on one side of the bed- (right) and a table with a lamp on the other. There’s a closed fireplace + a gas heater in front of it. There are two windows + two mirrors + two chairs. Very complete description. And there’s luggage all over the place.

Yes, I like it. Mrs. Moseley is very nice to me.

Wonder when you’ll start getting my letters. Have written about every day except last Sunday. You’ve been real good, honey. It’s been wonderful hearing from you every day.

Are you kidding- if I think the trip will be too much for me- I’d walk all the way if necessary. A little trip certainly won’t be too much for me. In fact I’ll enjoy it. I’ve always wanted to go to Florida. Golly, I hope you can get that pass, honey.

Gee, Judd, we’re really married. Remember we used to write how wonderful it would be when we were together always after we were married. We certainly started off differently.

Well, darling, you must know how very much I miss you. Seems I’ve told you often enough now. But every day I miss you more + love you so.

Golly, it will be wonderful to be with you again. Sure hope that it’s this weekend, honey.

You’re so crazy, darling, and I love you so much. Well, you’d better practice up on your French, honey, just in case. Hope that you get some letters soon darling. They’re going to come in a big bunch, I guess. They’ve sorta decreased in length because I’ve been out most of the day.

Well, honey, I have a lot to do before I get to bed. Wish that you were here to get in the way.

Golly, Judd, I love you so. If we ever have a few minutes together, I’m sure we’ll be the happiest married people ever. Golly, darling, I miss you so much-

Well, honey, I’ve got my fingers crossed, honey, about this weekend.

I love you so and miss you terribly. Oh, if I come down I’ll bring Tom’s glasses down. Julie + Betty Jo are worked about them. Wonder how much money I should get out of the bank. Oh, well, I’ll decide that tomorrow. I love you so, honey.

You’ll have all my love always + I’ll always be-



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