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Dearest Judson—

Honey, before I forge to tell you—I wrote U. P. S. on the train this morning but in case you don’t see it—please don’t call me until later on Thursday night. That fellow is going to take some more pictures because these are awful. He’s taking them around seven thirty & I should be through before nine but if it’s at all possible, darling, try not to call until after nine because then I’ll definitely be home.

Another thing mother said when she called this morning that she wouldn’t be at work on Saturday so for you not to call her. What goes on here anyway, honey! I’m beginning to wonder. I didn’t tell mother anything at all about the ring. Just said that I wanted to meet her to talk to her for a while. Will she be surprised. It’s too bad you can’t be there.

Woody just called & scared me half to death because I couldn’t imagine who it was. Maybe we’ll go out together again this weekend. Has Steve said anything more? Of course you wouldn’t tell me, you stinker.

What a beautiful day. You’re probably flying today. How many hours do you have left? I hope the weather is real nice from now on so that you’ll be able to get a lot of time off for Christmas.

When you have time, honey, write me what you do each day & approximately what time you do it. Corinne & I sit around & talk about what you & Dick are doing all the time. He’s going to be an instructor. We were talking about how nice it would be if you and he were at the same field & he was your instructor. Then Corinne & I could be together all day when we weren’t with you. We’re just dreaming away.

Honey, have you heard anything more about where you’ll be stationed next? Are there any places close to Pelham where there’s a possibility of your being sent?

Have you thought of anything you’d like for Christmas? Think hard now—Men are such problems. Corinne’s having trouble getting Dick something too. We stop & talk every once in a while and it’s taking me ages to write this.

We’re talking about dogs now. That reminds me of you. Do you like big dogs? We’ll have to have some animals running around the place.

Well, honey, I’m in Grand Central now waiting for mother. Can’t write much more. I love you very much & miss you awfully. It’s hard to write now because I have to keep looking up for Mom.

Please write soon, honey. I love you so.

All my love—

P. S. You’re wonderful, darling, you’re so sweet & thoughtful.
[Transcription ends]