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Dearest Dottie,

What a night. It’s about 20 below outside, the wind is a mild gale, too; gosh it’s cold. What a beautiful night to sit in front of a nice warm fire. The wind blows through these barracks like a seive [sic]. We had a fire going in the middle of the floor a while ago, but for some strange reason, Major Troop (commandant) didn’t appreciate its warmth. Odd fellow that.

I just got back from a gruesome hour in the Link Trainer. I had a different teacher this time. This one was blonde, but engaged, so we had a lot to talk about.

She’s getting married in March too. All we talked about was you and her husband-to-be. I didn’t get much Link Time in I guess.

Well honey, I got paid today at last. Right after I’d smoked my last cigarette and spent my last dime, in fact I had had to borrow a nickel to do that; fine thing.

I didn’t have the Cross-Country today,—the weather was bad. If it’s clear tomorrow I might have it then, but I’ll tell you all that tonight of [sic] the phone.

Steve seems to be quite interested in Woody, he’s sorry he won’t be able to see her this weekend. Maybe she can come up for the air show on the 9th. He’d like her to. Do you think you could come up, darling? I think Bobby & Mom are, so you two could come up with them.

We’re not going to fly in it, but there’s going to be about 70 B-17’s, & a mess of 24’s. In fact every ship the army has including the A-26 & the J. P.’s (Jet Propulsion). I want you to see the A-26, honey. It’s the sweetest ship we have, in my opinion. Gosh if I could only fly one of those—oh well.

I’m going to the P. X. to call you now, angel. See you later—I love you.

It’s 9:30 now. Just got back from the P. X. Gosh it was swell to hear your voice darling, even if you did have a sore throat, and a sprained ankle. Everything happens to me.

Steve is very aggravated now, he wants to know what the story is with Woody. I’ll find out for him this weekend. (I hope you don’t get this until Monday).

Oh darling, I love you so much. It’s too good to be true, we’re going to have one whole day together, for a change.

I’ll see you tomorrow night. It seems good to think that this time tomorrow I’ll be with you.

I love you, darling, with all my heart.

As ever
[Transcription ends]