Thomas J. Dunn

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Dear Miss Blaney,

I received the Christmas package from the Bryant Service Club on the 1st of Jan. 1944.

It was indeed a welcomed gift, I assure you and I want to express my sincere appreciation from way up here in Alaska.

The reason for the delay of the package was caused through my shipment from Seymour Johnson Field, N. C. I have been stationed live in Alaska some two months + probably will be here for the duration.

The country live is really “ruff”, although we do have some of the conveniences of the camps back in the states.

Since I’ve been in the service I have seen some really beautiful scenery, but nothing cam compare with this!

However it does get quite cold here, stays between 25° + 50° below zero most of the time! We are well dressed for this kind of climate + so we don’t mind it too much!

I am stationed at Ladd Field, somewhere near Fairbanks Alaska.

Just recently I have been transferred into an Air Transport Command, and as yet have not been assigned.

I suppose there aren’t many of the old Bryant boys + girls around now, but I send all my old friends there, my best.

We do have women here though, but not my kind! Mostly natives- (Indians + Eskimos).

The town of Fairbanks is not bad, considering it is so far from the states.

I believe my College education will really help me when I get assigned to my new job.

I would really like to hear from some of the students, so as I can know what’s going on there + still feel that I am part of the college.

Sincerely yours,
Tommy Dunn

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