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Monday, 12/11/44, 9 p.m.

Darling Bubsie,

Gosh, I made a haul today—8 letters from you from the 19th of November through the 2nd of December—not bad, ah what, sweets? Well, I ain’t complainin’!

So, we’ll be married 2½ years December 14th. Well, gosh, I think I’ll take a 1/2 day off and celebrate by writing you a real long letter. It has been a heavanly [sic] two and one-half years, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You’re wonderful, my darling, and I wish I had persuaded you to marry me the first month we even discussed it. You know, I looked all over for an anniversary card, and honestly, sweets, I guess I’ve sent you every card that has been made! Card, or no card, I love you and want [you] to know that the 2½ best years of my life was [sic] spent with you, sweetheart!!

Ukie, gosh, honey, she just doesn’t feel well today—seems her left side hurts her. Hope it isn’t anything serious. You know, it hurted [sic] so much that she couldn’t go to school today and that is serious!

Rec’d a present from Alma and Harold today, and I promised myself not to open it until my birthday. So, I still don’t know what it is! Also, rec’d a letter from the Hamburgs—they’ll be in Chicago for 10 days starting Dec. 30 and want me to come up and see them. I didn’t answer them yes or no—just said I’d let them know!

Also, rec’d a Xmas card from the Edelsberg[s] and a letter from Patty Shelton and Winnie Luddecke. Isn’t Karla a nice name for a girl? Bet the Luddeckes hoped for a boy to be named Karl. Well, they’ll get a chance to prove themselves after the war!

Oh yes, heard from Syl Hirshfield, too. Seems there’s plenty wrong there, but she isn’t specific.

Opened the day care center today. Gosh, what a change from the first day we were there to look at the place. Three children entered this morning—David Langer, aged 2 who is absolutely out of this world—he is adorable—sleeps well, eats like Victor A., Jr. probably will if he takes after his father, and speaks beautifully for his age. Then, there’s Mickey Makeman, very agressive [sic] 3½ yr. old, but very cooperative and clever. Then, Philip Luschek, 3½, very underdeveloped, an introvert—can all be traced back to a very cold, unreceptive mother and of course, mom and pop are separated. Anyhow, the kids all look promising and interestin[g]. My ass’t, Miss Ingram, seems to be excellent! She seems well trained, and we’ve just “hit it off right!”

Still plenty of work to be done in the nursery and I’m working like a dog, but I’m seeing results, so I don’t mind!

Sweetheart, I couldn’t send yours [sic] and Shaw’s package today—line was around the block at the post office. Mom said she’d send it for me Wednesday. Hope you’ll excuse the delay!

Today I couldn’t resist—I bought the animated edition book of “T’was the Night Before Xmas”—I’ll use it at the nursery and then save it for the Speert kids. It’s a very cute edition and even mom and dad got a kick out of it!

Darling, we didn’t get our $25 bond for September. Dad just noticed it on his books. Wonder what’s the matter. Please check with your officiers [sic] on that matter and I’ll write away to the Gov’t and see if I can get some dope. Gosh, are we screwed up!

Just spoke to Sanf. He might drop around tomorrow night so I’ll get to speak to him again! Everything is okay at home.

Have a terrific headache—just working to[o] hard I guess! All my love, my sweets!


P.S. Alma & Harold sent me enclosed poem—think it’s beautiful free verse & am sure you’ll enjoy it. [Translation ends]