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13 October 1944

Somewhere in England

My lover,

The rains are pouring from the heavens like the rains in “Wuthering Heights.” The weather is cold here at night. Imagine in your place I use 4 blankets so you can conclude, darling, that you were an efficient heating element (?) for me.

Remember, sweetheart, address all your mail to Lt. V. A. Speert, 0-1182008, Q. M. Trk. Co. (Provisional) APO 17064, C/O PM, New York, N. Y. As I mentioned before I’m going on a temporary detail and then we’ll carry on again.

I went into a nearby town last night, a quaint English town and sent you an (EFM) Expeditionary Force Message. The Red Cross woman said the message should take about 3 or 4 days to reach the States. Let me know when you receive it.

Sweetheart, we are strictly rationed here as far as toiletries, etc. From time to time send me packages including soaps & shaving sticks & toothpaste.

I understand there is a batch of mail somewhere for distribution to us which as yet we haven’t received. I have received 2 of your letters dated the 27 and 28th of September thus far.

You know, sweetheart, I’ve read and reread your letters many, many times. You do write such newsy letters and the 5 & 6 page ones are my favorite.

Darling, in one of your former letters you say you got a job and then you mention nothing more about it. Could you please let your husband know what kind of work you are doing?

Yes, darling, the war is not yet over. I expect that we shall see some pretty hard fighting yet in rather rough climatic conditions. Nevertheless next Christmas should find us together once more and very busily occupied in producing the next generation.

Bubsie, you’re the most wonderful person in the world for me. Don’t think I feel theis [sic] way just because we’re separated either. Just analyze our relationship and you can see that you are developing into the kind of wife I’ve always hoped for and presumably I’m developing into the kind of husband that you had secretly hoped for (modest little me).

I’ve been trying to write to as many of the friends and relatives that I can. We are kept pretty busy, nevertheless I try to write you at least every day, Sweetheart.

Truthfully, dear, I’m happy to hear that you are putting everything into your work and outside activities. It will do so much for you to make this period of separation pass so much more quickly.

Regards to all our friends, darling. I love you.


P. S. Capt. Shaw would like you to drop him a line, too.

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