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Thursday night


Sweetheart Darling,

Mort left tonight. We all (the family) had dinner out & then, drove him to the airport. Gosh, plane are as thrilling today as trains were years ago. When you come home, boy honey, I’m sure flying to greet you! I felt like having a good cry when Mort left, but no, I didn’t! He is a wonderful brother!!!

Heard from Alma & Harold today. She will call me when the[y] “hit Youngstown, & then, I’ll make plans to see them!

Also, heard from Fred Livingstone who’s at Brooks Field, Texas & adores San Antonio. Can’t blame him, can you?

By the way, Mort eventually intends to transfer to Naval aviation!

Sanf called me a few minutes ago & it seems we spoke for hours. You know, Sanf has sense, but honey, he lacks “social sense.”

Speaking about a phone call, I hate to tell you what the folks’ phone bill is this month. We, alone, ran up the following (These are approximations since I haven’t gotten the bill upstairs)

Aug. 31 Alexandria, La. 1.35

Sept. 8 Claiborne 1.80

Sept. 13 New Brunswick, N.J. 2.35

Sept. 13 Helen (N.Y.) .80

Sept. 8 Telegram Claiborne .80

Sept. 23 N.Y. 3.50


Anyhow, Mom says I don’t have to pay. I get this service free when I rent in advance.

Tomorrow I shall have a busy day what with PTA tea & going to Community Center, plus the fact that I open at 6:30 Sat. Ho hum!

I love you dearest. Keep your chin up, your shoulder to the wheel & your eye on that great V-day coming! Huh?

All my love always,


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