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10 October 1944

My precious jewel.

Darling, it won’t be long now before you receive mail from me. I assure you there is no one more anxious to receive mail than I.

How is everyone and everything at home? I wish I could be more descriptive of the geography around here but there’s such a thing as censorship. You understand.

Nothing new or exciting has happened. We pull watch on board 4 hrs. every day which helps break the monotony of things. I haven’t done very much writing to anyone except to my sweetheart. Just nothing to write about.

One of the men on ship had the book “Call House Madame” by Serge Wolsey. As you know a call house is a house of ill repute, and the madam is the proprietress of the establishment. The book is in fact the autobiography of the madame who operated a house in Hollywood and catered to the riches of the land of glamour. Although she doesn’t mention names she hints about the movie stars and describes their perversions. I don’t know where you can get the book but if you do you should find it different, to say the least.

I’m darn interested to know how your job is coming along. Your last letter told me you got the job and I’m curious to learn the details.

Do you remember before we were married I said that it was better for a soldier to go across with no attachments at home? (It may have been a rationalization). Now, I see how wet I was at the time. It means an awful lot to a guy to know he’s got a wife whose [sic] madly in love with him and that they have a future ahead of them.

Sweetheart, we’re going to be able to take snapshots and I shall send them home as often as I can. By the same token I want you to take snapshots and send them to me. If my eyes can’t adore you in person, shapshots [sic] will be second best.

As censorship relaxes, we’ll be able to tell of past events and I shall supply you with details. Are you keeping my letters? Did you get those letters from my folks yet? (Your letter to me while you were at Alabama). Gosh, they were torrid!

By the way, did you get “Coronet” for me? I’ve got a few letters to write. To the Rosens, Goldberg (Barbie), Helen & Davey, etc. Just a good kid me, that’s all.

I had a wonderful dream last night. I made delicious love to you.


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