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Dearest beloved—

Today I worked from 10-6 & I believe those are the worst hours. I got home at 7:10 & before I ate dinner & read the paper—why, honey, it is 8:15 already. Nuts!

We received mail from Lolly, Sima & Syl Hirschfield. I’ll forward you all this mail eventually. Lolly & Sima both write that Sonny Krasik is ill & that her mother is coming down. Seems that Sonny is anemic! If you ask me, Sonny is merely a “nervous wreck.” Sima is not working anymore & Ray’s refrigeration unit will be activated about Dec. & it’ll be ready for overseas duty some time in February so Sima writes.

I went to the Morris Plan before work today & learned $125.00 was deposited to our acct. That extra $25.00 will eventually catch up with the regular allottment [sic]. Well, anyhow, I paid the folks $15.00 for stuff to fix the room which I had charged to their acc’t & $20.00 for room & board until Oct. 17. You see, I was to be a guest only until I started to work. So tha [sic] $20.00 covers rent from Oct. 2-17—two weeks.

Mort took the Chrysler & went to Columbus today. He’ll be back Sun. nite. The “little car” is still being repaired.

My darling—altho’ only a few days have elapsed since I heard from you—it feels like weeks! Each day I love & miss you more & more.

I’m taking a negative of us from a “snap” taken in New Orleans & I’m having Xmas cards made up the same as last year. I’m still trying to see where I can get it done the cheapest. So far, Kodak Co. gave me a rate






I think I’ll get 50. Last year we got 25 & it wasn’t enough. Also, it takes a full mos. to make up!

Alice Pensner is in town this week-end, so since I have a ½ day off tomorrow, I’m meeting her for lunch.

Finally, I got my assignment for next week. I’m to report at Emanuel Day Care Center, 86th & Euclid. It is not sure whether or not I’ll be at the Center permanently. Of course, I have 3 car changes any way you figure it, but unless I work right in the heart of town, I’ll always have those troubles.

Nov. Omnibook just came out. I got you a copy & will put it in your Xmas package. Also, I got you a new Scope. It’s better than ever!

By the way, Mort has changed in that he is now interested in the shoe business. Dad has gotten him interested because the two of them have seen “eye-to-eye” on expansion policies. Of course, they would like to interest you, too, but that’s up to you.

However, knowing that we want a child to be started when you arrive home, I want to now build us up a bank acc’t so that we can have a child, you can have your schooling, yet, not be stifled in Cleveland. I hope we can work that out.

We have $250.00 in the bank now about $4,000. in bonds. I’m going to put all my pay checks in the savings acc’t & merely draw on your salary that’s deposited on the checking acc’t.

My adorable one—one “nip” out of your “tuschie” & I would be in “7th heaven.” I love you, Vic darling.



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