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At Sea

6 October 1944

Hello Sweetheart,

If you were here, you’d tell me “Happy Birthday” and I would modestly reply “Thank you, darling may we spend the rest of them together.” I think there is no more opportune time than on a birthday to tell you that I have spent the happiest days of my life with you. Sweets, I never expected to find such marital happiness as I have experienced being married to you.

The ocean continues to be calm even the swells (waves) have decreased in size since we left the Gulf stream. The temperature has become much cooler which makes a jacket or coat a necessity on deck. This morning we saw a school of sharks in the ocean. The other day we saw some porpoises playing in the ocean. They are strange little creatures spouting water into the air.

Where the exact destination is we no [sic] not. Rumors fly around here fast and furious.

I don’t know how long you’re going to have to wait for my letters but I shall get them to you as fast as the mails will carry them.

Almost every night I take a hot salt water bath—not because I particularly desire salt water but it’s all they can spare. It’s quite a job getting a lather in the stuff. They have a salt water soap for sale but it isn’t worth a damn. The individual that discovers a good salt water soap should make a fortune.

Wonder girl, do you see the folks now and then?

Another thing, you’re allotment is supposed to be increased to $150.00 beginning Oct. 1, 1944. Write me if there are any irregularities with the above. You tell me that you purchased a camera for me. Sweets, I presume that film will be difficult to purchase nevertheless, send me as much film as you can as I should like to send you as many snaps as I can.

The food continues to be good and the service excellent. Last night we had roast chicken which really doesn’t compare to the way you make chicken but was delicious nevertheless. Every meal (2) has fish as one of its courses. In the morning we have smoked herring or kippers, and in the evening cod, sole, halibut, etc. It’s a good thing I’m a fish eater or I’d be “hurtin’.”

Darling, I’m one who has always looked to see that my adorable wife is enjoying herself and am not of a different opinion now.

Tell me of the new people you have met and the new events that have occurred. I love you and idolize you.



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