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My adorable darling—

This day ran fairly smoothly for me. I got to work on time, after reading a chapter in Persons & Places by George Santanyana which is too beautifully written to suit my earthly mind.

While at work in the afternoon Miss Cadle hurries and transfers me to Woodhill Nursery School because a teacher got ill & had to go home. Since she chose me out of the 3 other girls I mentioned, I guess that means I’m the most “experienced.” Anyhow, I enjoyed myself at Woodhill as the children seemed to respond to me & my technique. I would like to work there always as it is rather close to home. Tomorrow I go back to the training school. Nuts! Honey, there’s one little boy at Woodhill—honestly, he looks as if he might be our child—brown eyes like mine, hair like yours, skin like yours & his teeth & smile are just like you. His name is Dominic—he’s about 3 ½ yrs.—a devil & positively between us, there was “love at first sight.” When I got in this evening I found a letter from Kitty Spur—nothing new with her, but Kathy gave birth to a baby son. I think it was premature, because just now I figures [sic] out that whe [sic] was pregnant when we were there in April. See what I mean?—Use your fingers & count!

Called your folks & said “hello.” Sanf was resting, but told your mom (after I inquired) that he hasn’t as yet phoned Miss Buckholtz. I’m very angry with him because, No. 1, he said he wanted volunteer work, 2—I told Miss B. he was interested & would call her & now he’s making a liar out of me & 3—if he was uninterested he could have said so in the first place, before I went ahead & spend [sic] time & energy seeing what I could locate for the 2 of us. Nuts! Now I can see I do everything by myself, for myself.

In a way I hate my job because these last few days I haven’t been able to do all I care to do, & also, I’m always tired. Of course, that may mean that I’m still not used to work.

Mort used the Ford today & he got “stuck” on Euclid Hts. Blvd. I knew that would happen soon, because the care was getting in pretty bad shape. So now, I think [I]’ll give it a general overhaul!

Bubs—you know, I was just thinking how I’d adore biting you—preferably your “tusch”—you always “yell” when I bite & get rather angry—but sweetheart, I love you so much, I even want my sense of taste to enter into it!

Honey—it’s only 9:30 and already ‘m sleepy. I wonder what’s wrong with me?—Can I be getting to [sic] much fresh air? I’m looking forward to this week-end & meeting Amy Embry. She sounded so nice on the phone.

I love you Vic!

Ever and Ever,


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