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Saturday Midnite


My beloved,

Well, Mort arrived by plane this noon. He traveled by Am. Airlines, & left L.A. at 6:30 p.m. Fri. He says he’ll never ride a train again! Can you blame him?—If I had 2 mos. pay to “throw away,” I[‘d] do so, too! Well, at last, we got all the “dope.” Mort was at the initial landing on Guam, & he, also, saw action in the Marianna [sic] islands. He wears two ribbons & one star! He looks lots hearvier, altho’ he doesn’t weigh much more than he used to. Personally, I think he got flabby from little or no exercise! It’s swell to have him home, but he’s still the same “cocky” Mort!!

Also, after hearing some of my brother’s talk—hon, let’s stay “free” of family ties—I mean even in a business way! Huh?—Let’s really strike out for ourselves.

Of course I thought we’d just “sit around and talk” tonite & doggone if Max & Syl & the Weingartens don’t walk in. Well, I have my new “brunch coat” on, but I’m beginning to feel funny & get ready to go up & put my dress on, when the Hechts walk in with their daughter & son-in-law (1st Lt. Lennie Kleinman) & they bring with them Len’s sister Phyllis & her date, 1st Lt. Leroy Kurlander. I looked “okay,” but still a “brunch coat” is a “b.c.” & I felt embarrassed!—So, I just pleaded “headache” & came up here (3rd floor). I felt terrible to have acted that way; but I couldn’t bear to think those people were probably thinking “well, with him gone, she can look like a slob.” Honey, I’m always dressed, wear all my jewelry, cologne, etc. & so, I felt twice as bad to be “caught” that way.

Spoke to Lt. Embry—any, to us—she’s a good conversationalist, & sounds swell. We’re getting together next week-end. You know, I think I like her already!

Well, I moved upstairs “for good” today. I really cleaned the place up & everything is done—I’m proud of it & shall take a “snap” of it first chance I have!

Uk rec’d your letter today & will answer it shortly. I thought it a very cute letter, Bubs!

Sweets—Mort decided he wants Coronet, so I’m sending the subscription in!—Watch for it.

I’m so madly in love with you—my darling, anything I do I have you in mind. I adore you, sweets! Your roses are really blooming now & believe me, I kiss each one as if to kiss you!

Oh, yes—after much ado, our budget columns balance this month at $443.97—which is our 2nd highest month. Our 1st highest was last month at $464.47. For next month—just write me how much money you receive. Thanks. Here’s how we spent our dough.

Misc. 2.15

Rent 9.75

Food 18.96

Photo 1.69

Clothes 72.80

Beauty parlor 7.25

Phys. & Medicine 3.61

Household 23.37 (My ap’t stuff)

Stationery, books, etc. 7.01

R.R. fares & trans. 42.83 (inc. trip from La.)

Repairs, cleaning 4.60

Amusement .35

Insurance 6.70

Ciggarettes [sic] .13

Gifts 28.14

Car exp. 31.79

Transp. (city) 4.86 (inc. taxi (N.Y.)

Bonds 18.75

Vic 159.23 (inc. camera &


_____ $80.00 checks


Now that everything is “off my chest”—good night, darling.

All my love,


You should get about $85.00 this mo. Without buying bond.

Right honey?

[Transcription ends]