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Friday night


My Adorable sweetheart,

Today I rec’d your letter of the 27th & hope you receive my mail as regularly. Bubs—what’s the last letter you rec’d from me?

The following may be a mean thing for me to say, and honestly, honey, I sure wish you were on your way! Knowing you’re near & yet so far almost “drives me nertz.” A couple of times I’ve “squelched” good notions to pay Helen another visit. Then, should plans go “haywire” & you remain here, I’d hate to be “stuck” with a job instead of joining you! Oh! Oh! Oh!

I sent you birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc., way ahead of time as I always think you’re leaving & the cards will have a long journey.

Gee, sweets, I’m glad there is plenty of entertainment in camp that is worthwhile & that your time “doesn’t drag” too badly!

Yes, I was contemplating to put “From V & E to Sanf—11/15/44” on the back of his ([S]anf’s) ring. I shall mail them a check as soon as we get some money in the bank as I just put $250.00 back in our savings acc’t.

Darling, I can’t decide whether to go on a bezadrine [sic] diet or go to Sidney-Hill. I’m really in a quandry [sic]. Everybody tells me something different. Maybe I’ll try both?

I shall send you stationery very shortly, so use all you want! Also—I sent you your new camera.

Sylvia Hirschfield could not do the cards. After all we do want the faces to be real [K]odak or photo shots. That’s why it is so terribly difficult to do. Well, I’m still trying for our idea plus using a snapshot of our faces. If not, the same as last yr. will have to suffice. Also—Sylvia is in the dress designing business--& also she plans to leave N.Y. shortly.

Since Mort’s arriving tomorrow Mom & I went to the beauty shop today. On the way home “bumped into” Shirley & Cpl. Arthur Amster home on furlough. Didn’t get a chance to talk (our Rapid came along) but he’s now attached to “blood & flame & sword” unit at Van Dallen. Pretty rough, huh?

Today we heard from Ruth & Grel Shor (nothing new—no commission for Grel as yet) & also, I heard from the Bjorkmans. June is now working at City National Bank & likes it. I’ll send you her very cute letter.

This evening I went over to see the folks, but Uncle Goldbert & wife (one whose wife is big & he wears a toupee) came over, so I spent the evening mostly with Sanf & of course, Sophie sat in! I enjoyed the evening as Sanf’s very good company! We discussed religion, children, etc.—oh, yes, before the relatives came up I read your folks parts of your letter to me—“stuff” I thought they might enjoy. Sanf didn’t believe a hubby could be romantic, so I let him read one of your letters & he was flabbergasted. He “prays” to have a marriage like ours—but honey, I doubt if he could—ours was made in heaven!

Write to my folks, Ukie, etc. & I’m sure you’ll get answers. Do the same with some of our friends!

The roses you sent are just blooming. They’re lovely, sweets.

All my love forever


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