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How can I send you Coronet when the order blank calls for another subscription & I have no one to send it to?—Mort doesn’t want magazines to follow him around, so he’s out. Now, who else? I must give a military address so I can’t use it myself. What to do?

I certainly am surprised to be getting mail from you so regularly. I have been “builind [sic] myself up” to waiting 3 or 4 or more weeks! But I guess that day will come!

Did you get your copy of “Hello Again?” Why don’t you write in & tell them that you like the magazine & also, have them change your address?

--By the way, when you are through with above magazine, send it to me. Also, please send me some copies of Yank Magazine. I miss it!

By the way, are you still with Hq. Battery? What’s your position?

Shall I send the officers in your Bn. Our Xmas cards to APO 84 or to their home addresses? What is proper? Also, send me a list of names from Col.—2nd Lt., so I don’t pass up anyone. Okay?

Heard from Lolly today, and shall send you her letter shortly. She said she wrote you a V-mail!

Sweetie—I didn’t get your “little something” as yet, but I’m eagerly looking forward to it. I’m mailing you the camera tomorrow. Get rid of your old one—maybe you can sell it for 50¢. Huh? Also, please remember that I can’t send you anything unless you request it.

Have you seen the article in Oct. Coronet—West Point for Diplomats by Representative John M. Coffee? I’m sure you’d be interested. Read it?—I think you would do well in that field!

Tomorrow I have an app’t to see Miss Buckholtz in order to do volunteer settlement work. So far, she thinks she wants me to teach swimming & help with dramatics. She’s also interest [sic] in having Sanford.

As soon as I get my schedule of volunteer work straight, I shall start going to Sidney Hill. I really mean to lose some weight.

So far, Rhoda Menschel & Sanf haven’t started to correspond, altho’ I’ve “stirred up” interest on both sides. She really is a “smooth keed.”

I must write you often, because I use this stationery only on you & I’m going to have to order more very shortly.

Turned in your ration books today. Gosh, I’m honest!!

Have been so busy job hunting, writing you, looking for volunteer work & mainly decorating this room, that honestly I haven’t seen a show or visited anyone. I guess your folks are perturbed, but all I can sai [sic] is “so sorry.” The room is really beginning to look like something—no foolin!

Looks like the Germans may hold out for some time & the Japs, too. But I’M still hoping we can be together next Xmas (45)—and make babies.

All my love forever,


[Transcription ends]