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At Camp

26 September 1944

My beloved,

It seems that the mail got screwed up since I received no mail from you today. I’ll probably get 2 letters in tomorrow’s mail. Darling, I try to analyze myself to learn the reason why I am so much in love with you, but I can’t simplify the answer. The only reason I can think of is that we are two individuals who gain immeasurable happiness when we know that each of us is more happy because of something we did. (kind of mixed up, eh?)

The weather here continues to be brisk and snappy—just like I like it. We’re not over-working ourselves these days, merely taking life easy. After all we’ve had “dry runs” before.

Have you seen the folks recently? What’s new?

Sweetheart, I’ve come to the conclusion that you need have no thoughts about me and other members of the female sex. Whereas some of the other married officers will go out and carry on promisuously [sic]—to me this has no appeal. Not that I’m a “dandy-wandy” or anything like that. In fact I’ve considered their attitudes and ideas, but all in all, I think they are kidding themselves. Bubs, you’ve spoiled me for anyone else. Darling, I’m serious about the above. I’m not saying this merely to flatter you.

I purchased a pair of combat boots ($7.00) today. I’ve wanted a pair and I think these will work out O.K. Gosh, can I spend money like a drunken sailor. I don’t think I shall use the $20.00 check for a while.

Before I get [sic] let me mention this fact. We have a Staff Sgt. Embry who is married to a 1st Lt. W.A.C. Amy Embry. Lt. Embry has just been transferred to Cleveland. Her address is: Lt. Amy Embry, WAC Recruiting Headquarters, 107 Old Post Office Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. I told him I’m sure you would like to invite her up to the house sometime. No? He told me that you’d better watch out when you speak to her or she’d have you a member of the WAC before you could say “no.” Darling, you might call her and see for yourself.

There is a Christian Science unit located outside the gate of the camp who gives out woolen clothes to soldiers & officers which are knitted by its members. Many of the officers were given these woolen items. I received a woolen sleeveless sweater, a parka hood (knitted) and a swell pr. of knitted socks. They told us to send up all the soldiers we can to get the stuff. Very nice people!

These [sic]evening I attended Yom Kipper Sevices. The turnout was excellent and I liked the services.

The battery is having a party tonight. Pissing away about $125.00 of the council fund on a party. If I get through with services I’ll stop over & see what’s what.

Good night my adorable lassy,

I love you always


[Transcription ends]