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Sunday night


Dearest adorable darling:

I’m sending you Pres. Roosevelt’s speech of last night just in case you didn’t get to hear it! Hope the censor let’s [sic] it through. Tell me what you think of it. Oh, yes, I’ve enclosed it in another envelope!

Yesterday I meant to tell you—got a bill for Sanf’s ring ($36.90), but he’s worth it. I got him the solid 14K gold ring. I only hope his comes out as nice as ours! It’ll be ready by 11/1/44.

Today I finished painting my book cases, and in the room the bedspread, curtains and dressing table are done. Now, I’ll cover a stool and a chair, and do something for the hall and the bathroom. Sanf saw the place tonight, and he was amazed—of course, I sorta, kinda take this decorating business as a matter of course, but Sanf thought it exceptional! Well, when it’s all done, I’ll write you in minute detail about it, and also, send you a sample of the material.

Sanf came over for dinner, and the three of us (Uk, Sanf and I) had a deluxe meal. The folks were out all day. I bought steaks yesterday—3 sirloins, Grade AA, at 50 pts—so you see, it was really deluxe. Here’s the menu:

tomato juice (Ritz crackers)

steaks (mushroom sauce[)]

French fries

tossed salad, bread, tea

fruit Jello, cookies

Of course, no one ate the way you can. Sanf made me a little angry, since he ate at 4 P.M., and therefore had to stuff the meal down in order to show me he enjoyed it. Honey—you’re the one I adore cooking for—you and you only! I must admit you would have enjoyed this meal.

Try to write me every day even though you can’t mail it—then, it won’t be so difficult to recount everything.

--By the way, how was your last trip to N.Y? Write me about it.

Sanf is getting very enthused about USO due to my influence, and I shall go see about some volunteer work for both of us. It should be fun!

I love you, Buzz-Buzz. In fact—I adore you—want you—miss you.


[Transcription ends]