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Monday 18 September 1944

My Most Precious:

Although our last meeting was anti-climatic [sic], and brought forth feelings of remorse, I think it was worth while every moment of it. Sweetheart, I’m so madly in love with you, and find myself becoming more and more enamoured.

I’ve been attached to my bracelet, and am particularly fond of the inscription on the underside.

You know, I caught the 8:05 train back to camp thinking that I would get breakfast on the way. Unfortunately, everything was closed up, so I had to wait for lunch. Tut, tut.

The weather here looks like rain, but then that’s the east coast. Shortly we shall embark on the great adventure. I am looking forward to it eagerly.

Darling, be patient when you don’t hear from me. Always know that I shall be near you—writing you at every opportunity.

Give my fondest regards to all our friends. Try to work out the Christmas card idea—I think it’s cute.

Sweetheart, get active in USO work, etc. Develop Sanford’s interest in outside activities besides his work.

I got tickets to see “Blithe Spirit” with the N.Y. cast this evening at the camp theatre. It should be good.

Write to me, darling, so that I can get your pack of letters when we receive mail again.

Enclosed you will find a receipt showing the increase of your allotment from $125.00 to $150.00. I don’t think I shall have to cash all the checks as I’ll be drawing about $90.00 in pay (cash) at the end of the month. I may cash $50.00 in checks to last me until I get paid. Any money I have left over I shall send it to you as a M. O.

Bye, my love—for a little bit.

Always & always,


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