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18 December, 1944

Somewheres [sic] in Germany

My darling,

Today I received your air mail letter written the 8[th of] Dec. Sweetheart, I’m afraid you’re working too hard! Please darling, take care of yourself and above all watch your health. If I’m willing to take care of myself the least you can do is take care of yourself.

Believe it or not, but after I finished reading your letters, I, too, felt exhausted. I suppose it’s because I feel and experience each and every emotion that is yours. After reading your letter I wanted to carry you tenderly to bed, put my arms around you and kiss your forehead, your temples, your eyes, your cute little nose, your neck, and then to be “mean,” plant a passionate kiss on your lips. Mmmm!

I hate like “heck” to leave the previous subject but I suppose you would like to hear about other things, too. Darling, mail every 10 days isn’t bad at all. I only hope it continues that way.

Don’t bother with the P.D. subscription if it takes as long as it does to reach me. Shelton is receiving papers from Abilene, Texas, dated 22 Sept. which are of little or no value at this late date. I received a notice from Coronet stating that I was to receive a copy but to date the magazine has failed to put in an appearance. I’ll get it one of these days, I suppose.

Your sweetheart is becoming a real onion sandwich eater. I found an onion associate in the person of Doc so we have our daily onion sandwiches. He says they are very healthful and as long as we don’t have to create impressions around here, we are enjoying our sandwiches. Doc laughed when I told him that you ate onions too, whenever, I got into an onion eating mood so that I wouldn’t drive you out from bed with onion breath.

Bubsie, don’t bother with the clippings from the 9th Army. As long as you save the Stars & Stripes we should have a pretty good account of it anyway.

Ahem! So the boys have a “crush” on teacher? So would I if I were on of the boys! Don’t be so cruel to the boys—after all, they do appreciate charm and you can’t blame them for that, can you?

I’m interested to learn how your Revue is progressing? When do you plan to put on your show?

Darling, I love you madly and I’m happy in the thought that you feel the same way about me.

Goodnight darling. “God” bless you, my dear.


[Transcription ends]