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Tuesday 12/5/44 9:30 p.m.

Dearest adorable darling,

I called the bank today & here’s the “dope”: I rec’d $150 for Nov. & Dec., but only $125 for October. If I was supposed to receive $150 for Oct. you have to take it up with your C.O. I know we were to receive $150 starting Oct. 1st—now, did they deduct that am’t from your pay, or did they deduct a smaller am’t? Check up on that!

I met Mom downtown & learned that she lost her purse containing $25-ration books (families) etc. She feels awful about it! She was so upset, she forgot to do my errands for me! Mom went with me to the Red Cross & I donated blood. The nurse didn’t pierce me until she actually had the vein & the rest was simple! My hand feels a little sore, but otherwise, everything is okay.

The teachers at school gave me a farewell party today during the children’s nap time. We had apple pie & coffee & everyone wished me luck, etc. I was really “touched” & thought it very sweet of them.

Your mail to me is all mixed up! Today, I rec’d your air mails dated 11/12 & two 11/15. Also, I rec’d your V-mail Thanksgiving greeting, dearest. You are a darling!

Tonight Western Union called to deliver your EFM anniversary greeting! Sweetheart, it was swell of you to remember. However, was it suppose[d] to come for Nov. 14 or Dec. 14th?

I’m saving the money & doilie [sic] you sent. I think I’ll start a scrapbook.

The first chance I get this weekend, I’ll send you clippings from & about the 9th Army!

I rec’d your $80 money order & with $75 I bought us a $100 bond. As yet, your gov’t bonds haven’t appeared, but I guess they’ll catch up with us.

Tomorrow I’m going over to the new school to get the stuff, etc. in order. Of course, I’m very excited. But gosh, I’d certainly be more excited if you were here & I could make “violent love.”

Heard from the Hamburgs. They finally located themselves a garage ap’t on Thornton Ct. Sima is not working. Gossip: Sorry, Krasik finally got pregnant! They’ll probably have a pseudo-cultural, genius, hypo-neurotic child! Good luck to them!

Haven’t heard from Mort in a few days—he may have “pulled out.” Don’t forget to write him. Have you rec’d his letters?

I adore you, my darling, Bubsie pie—Unie snun—I could never forget how to talk baby talk to you, cause you bring out my motherly instinct besides other more passionate ones! Sweetheart, you are extremely loveable—there’s no one as thoughtful & sweet as you! I love you,


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