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20 December 1944

Somewheres [sic] in Germany

5 days to Xmas

My adorable darling,

No mail today, so I re-read your latest letters. I presume you do the same thing when you receive no mail from me.

Darling, do you believe in mental telepathy? Believe it or not, but I think there’s something to it. There are times during the day when my whole being aches for you and I’m sure it coincides with the times you yearn for me. Lately we haven’t been doing too much around here so I’ve really and truly been “pining” for you. Don’t worry dear, I suppose everybody around here feels that way but doesn’t want to admit it.

You may be interested to know that I got rid of my mustache. At first I thought I’d hang on to it until I see you. But as an afterthought, I decided that I wouldn’t have time to shave off the mustache since I want to take full advantage of every moment when we meet again. Seriously though, I don’t think I’ll raise another mustache.

I saw Sgt. Embry today and showed him the snap of you and Amy. He’s expecting a snap in his mail.

Eadie dear, I like that description of our love which you have so adequately expressed in your letter. Don’t think for a minute that you’re going to get rid of me so easily because I’m going to be around to kiss my darling when she becomes a grandma—and get a “kick” from watching the grandchildren drive grandma to distraction despite all of grandma’s work with day nursery children. Oh boy! Will I rub it in!

Darling, have you dabbled with poetry any lately? You know, you used to put out some darn good stuff while I was at Sill (OCS). Try it sometime—describe our love if you will.

Sweetheart, who is Elaine Stromberg? Do I know her?

I don’t know why Sanford is so lax in writing to me unless it’s because he’s there and I’m here. You can tell him that I don’t think very much of this point and to write me. If ever my folks bemoan the fact that I am here overseas, you can tell them that instead of spending the time “wailing,” they should spend it in “writing.”

Just send me the names and addresses of those persons who tell you, “Don’t worry. Your husband will be home soon.” I’ll write them a few words of my own and explain to them that the Germans are fighting a “total war” and not a war of “convenience.”

There’s a lot of dirty fighting going on along the line. We only hear about it from the doughboys. The Germans have been known to shoot at ambulances, etc. Since we are in the artillery we can’t verify the statements, but I’ll believe the doughboys any day. The only thing that interests us is how many we exterminate.

We got a beautiful Christmas tree set up near the kitchen and should have a grand Christmas dinner.

Darling, I want you to take snaps of your nursery and also of your “kids” so that you can tell me all about them. Will you?

You know, I notice that you always go to bed so late. Why don’t you try going to bed earlier, darling? We have been getting quite a bit of candy and gum, so I’m not hurting for any. If you wanted some chewing gum, I could even send you some.

Darling, always keep in mind that you’re the one and only for me regardless where I am. I only want to know your and only your love. It satisfies me perfectly!!!!!!

Forever always, Vic

[Transcription ends]