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Friday, 12/22/44, 8 p.m.

My darling,

Although at the present time I should be at the community center, I’m not, ‘cause I just couldn’t stand this cold weather. The car wouldn’t start this a.m. & honey, I nearly froze getting to work. And this evening, I was crying (unconsciously) when I got home! It took all I had to trudge home!!! Please, please, dearest, reassure me that we won’t live in this damp, miserable, northern climate!!

Today, we got a very interesting letter from Mort. He wrote hardly anything [sic] about his doings—mostly about his thoughts. He’s as pessimistic about the outcome of this war as we are!

Rec’d Xmas cards from several people & a V-Mail from Sid Raiken whose [sic] with the Ninth Army in a telephone company. He thinks you’re with the 3rd Army, so I’ll write him that your paths may yet cross. Here’s his address:

T/5 Sidni J. Raiken – 12135675

Co. A – 39th Sig. Hv. Cons. Bn.

APO 339 e/o PM, N.Y.

Perhaps you two can get together.

I got paid today--$113.78—not bad, eh what? I’m depositing it on our savings acc’t which will then total $539.38.

I hate to say it—but this war won’t end this yr. anymore, so Dad owes me a $100.00 bond.

Oh yes—Dad got “stuck” last night on his way home from his “pinocohole [sic] club”—now, we haven’t a car to depend on in the family. What a stinkin’ climate!

Thought I would write you a long letter tonight, but honey, there isn’t much news!

Of course, I adore you—but that you should know by now!! Anyhow, you probably love to hear it as much as I do, so—I love you, I love you, I love you. You’re part of every breath I take—every step I make—my very heart-beat is yours.

Forever, Edith

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