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Saturday, 12/23/44, 10:15 p.m.

Dearest One—

Out of the clear blue sky I received your air mail letter dated 11/26 today. The mails are definitely “screwy”—don’t you think so?

The folks & Ukie rec’d mail from you, too, but theirs was lots more recent.

We also rec’d a Xmas card from the Smiths—T.L., the other son, is on his way overseas. Also heard from the Bjorkmans!

By the way, Mae Spino’s son-in-law, Dick Greenbaum, is overseas! I haven’t had a chance to get in touch with June as yet!

Went to sign some papers at the P.O. this a.m. about your Bulova watch. Doggone—because it was in your name, they have to send those “crappy” papers on to you. Well, when you get them, fill them out & maybe, some day, one of us will have a new watch.

Dad suggested (no fooling) champagne for tomorrow night & so bought some! I can’t wait! Also, I found a new kind of jello. It’s a “wine flavored” jello. It’s 35 cents a package. High, huh? Well, I’ll try it tomorrow & let you know how it does!

Gee honey, I had “cramps” all day today. Can’t imagine what I ate or what’s wrong with me! The minute I finish this letter I’m going to sleep on my tummy!

Rec’d a present from one of my mothers—a beautiful hanky trimmed with lace. It was a nice gesture! However, taking care of her 2 sons deserves a $25.00 bonus, at least. They are certainly badly spoiled.

Spoke to Sanf this evening. Everything is okay with the folks. I guess things are as good as can be expected with him.

From the presents under the tree—I think I made a good “haul.” Ah yes—I bought Fred a Xmas gift from us—Hemingway’s book for the armed forces.

Sweetie puss—I love you so very much! I’m merely existing for the day that I can kiss you—see how your tree is getting along & bury my nose in its leaves!

Honey, Merry Xmas—let’s hope for—& drink too.

“Together in ’45,”


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