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Monday, Dec. 25th

Xmas Day

My darling—

Anyhow, it was Xmas Day, for now it is 2 a.m., so rightfully it should be called Tuesday.

It rained & rained all day & about 4:30 it began to snow—that wet, damp, clinging stuff. Sanf’s car is “stuck” in front of our house & Fred “hitched” over here. Anyhow, we did have one of my delicious steak dinners.

Then, we struggled down the snow-packed street—snow flurries blinding our sight & eventually reached the Rapid. We left the house at 7:25 & got downtown (at the Hanna) at 9 p.m. Anyhow, we all enjoyed “Blossom Time” very, very much! The “Song of Love” & others of Franz Shubert are very “catching!”

Tried to go [to] the Cleve. afterwards, but Uk was too young. Anyhow, it ended when Sanf took us to [the] Rapid & Fred brought Uk & I [sic] home. Fred is sleeping in Mort’s room tonite & I let him have some of your underwear & a pr. of pjs.

Honey, I’m too tired to write much more. I’ll write you a “super duper” letter tomorrow. Okay? Huh?

I’m so starved for you—if I could just kiss you!!! All last night I kept dreaming about your “tree,” your bushy eyebrows, your sensuous mouth. Sweetheart, every bone in me aches for you.

I love you,


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