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30 December 1944

Somewheres [sic] in Belgium

My Sweetheart,

Today the mailman was good to me. Received air mails from you dated the 16[th] and 21st, a letter from Lolly Black and coinsidentally [sic] a letter from Jerry—and a V-Mail letter (in 2 parts) from brother, Mort. I can’t complain when I get mail like that!

This morning we heard that they had established a shower point in a nearby town so I convoyed about 60 men to the shower point. When we arrived there we found that there was no hot water and it accommodate[s] but a few men. Some of the brave souls took cold showers, but they were not for me. When I returned to the house I heated some water and took a “whore’s bath.” You know, the kind that you use a bowl of water and a wash rag. After using 3 bowls of water I felt refreshed.

Nothing much doing around here otherwise except waiting for things to happen. I think warfare wouldn’t be half bad if they could eliminate the periods of “sitting and waiting.”

We received some gigantic turkeys today so tomorrow we will have another feast with all the trimmings. The turkeys are frozen so stiff it takes about a day to thaw out.

Yes, darling, being a boss has its drawbacks. One way to eliminate petty quarrels between your help is to have a definite assignment for a specific task. In other words, the task of putting coal on the fire should have been assigned either to the ass’t. teacher or the housekeeper. That’s as far as your job goes. After the assignment was made the parties concerned could get together & work out the problem between themselves and thereby promote cooperation among themselves. However, clear-cut assignment duties must be anticipated and made accordingly. I know, sweetheart, that managing people is a big job but you have the understanding and foresight to do an excellent job. Don’t give up too quickly—it takes time.

So the “pater” is having his fusses again with the help? I don’t know who is right or who is wrong but I daresay that persons who work together for a long period of time are bound to get upon each other’s nerves. When a breaking point is about to be reached the persons involved should be isolated for a week or more until both parties are sufficiently “cooled.” Discussion of the sore point involved can then follow.

I’m so happy to hear that you are having fun exchanging gifts. Next year I expect to hang up my stocking and I want a completely filled one when I awake on Christmas day, understand?

Mort’s got the right idea when he advises you not to worry about the postwar period as you’ll be busy “makin’ babies.” Do you think we should reserve his right to spoil them? I’m enclosing Mort’s letters along with this one.

I, too, have thought of isolating ourselves, just you and I, at a place like Grand Lake, Colo. When I return home. Let’s go to that Corner Cupboard place and plan our future. As far as living our own lives, I assure you we will!! Don’t be afraid that we will be hampered or influenced by family or friends. As I’ve said before—war gives people changed attitudes. I, too, want happiness for us but I shan’t dodge responsibilities either. Have no fear, beloved, we shall always be happy as long as we are together!!!!!!!

Lolly writes that she didn’t hear from you for a couple of weeks. I’m sure that you answered her letters. She wrote me the news which no doubt you already know (i.e., Jerry is traveling

around, Nanny is ailing & Morris Burger is gone from Alex.). Also she adds “Bernie Krasik turned out to be a better man than you or Jerry,” then says, “We’ll make up for it one day, won’t we?”

I like those kids, Lolly and Jerry, and put them alongside Alma & Harold. I think we’ve got some life-long friends who are really grand people!

Darling, have you done anything about making a comercial [sic] photograph of yourself[?] I want one most dearly and hope you send me one.

It seems likes [sic] December is a good month to have babies. Capt. Munn’s got word that a baby boy was born to his wife. Gee, that’s 2 births in Bn. & 2 boys. I was under the impression that girls were more prevalent than boys (births) during a war. Maybe I’m wrong?

You know sweets, I’ve still to receive a copy of our Xmas card that you had made up. Somehow the cards have been delayed en route—probably turn up shortly.

The weather continues cold and clear. For awhile today I thought we would have a good old-fashioned [sic] snow flurry but it failed to materialize.

Sweetheart, take good care of that voice within you that keeps reassuring you that I’m O.K. It’s a good little voice and knows what it’s talking about.

Goodnight darling. Your devoted worshipper,


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