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4 December 1944

Somewheres [sic] in Germany

Bubsie Dear,

Today was a good day from a mail standpoint, receiving 7 letters. Here’s the analysis: (1) air mail letter dated 20 Nov. from you, (3) V-mail letters from you dated 31 Oct., 15 Nov., and 23 Nov from you [sic], a letter from Ma Sokol date[d] 26 Oct., a V-letter from Ukie dated 22 Nov. ans a V-mail letter from Ma & Pa Speert dated 22 Nov. Not bad at all.

Darling, the way it appears to me is that they may have held some of our letters back until the 16th of November at which time the 9th Army went into action. This may or may not be true—it’s just speculation. That “house without furniture” simile was excellent, darling. I love to read your letters because there [sic] so much like you and I’m sure you are aware of the fact that I’m absolutely and completely in love with you. Sweets, I adore you!

How did you like the play, “Tomorrow the World?” Are you willing to deal lightly with the Nazi youth? As for me, you can kill them all over 6 years of age. Darling, they got the damn Hitler doctrine seared into their brains and already are planning to come back for World War III. We hear stories of women acting as snipers and kids 14 years of age doing a similar job. Naturally all snipers are summarily executed (by the person finding them).

Don’t sell Germany short. I think the great battle will be fought on the Rhine. Germany is intent on destroying herself and we are doing our utmost to cooperate with the Fatherland.

The Germans highlighted sexuality & sensuality among their peoples. In many of the art magazines and drawings which we found in the homes this theme was highly prevalent.

I’m sending some of Hitler’s propoganda [sic] (in German) which you may or may not be able to read. Also I came across a document which is supposed to be highly confidential and dealt with the sterilization laws in Germany. Naturally, a Nazi was the judge and he could decree that anyone be sterilized that he so desired.

Russia is doing very well now militarily & I hope she continues. Boy, if only Russia beats us into Berlin and takes over. That would be perfect. I would even volunteer to construct the public scaffolds. I know this may sound brutal and ruthless but we are dealing with so-called “civilized” barbarians. There are some Germans who have been found O.K. and who are being trained to assume administrative jobs in post-war Germany. The Nazis are spreading word to their peoples to kill & murder these peoples if they find them cooperating with the Allies. Do you see what kind of people we are up against?

I know I’ve got on a subject and ranted a bit but I think you like to get some of my political ideas as well. Yes, darling?

Sweetheart, my folks are really falling in love with [you], too, despite the awkward ways they may express themselves. You should see the letters I received from them—all superlatives about their daughter-in-law. I’m hoping and happy you are getting along O.K. with them (at least while I’m away). When I come back it will be you, me & our string of kids—O.K.?

The weather here is beginning to turn cold and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got some snow before the week was over. Today we had a slight sleet which stopped almost as soon as it began.

Sweetheart, the ammunition shortage that you may read about is absolutely true. I takes an awful lot of heavy ammunition to split open a pill-box and they have an awful lot of pill-boxes around here.

The British are a lot of fun and darn good scrappers. A lot of the men resented the “limeys” in England but here in Germany they admire them a lot. There is [are] definitely better feelings between the “Tommy” & the Yank.

Goodnight for now dearest. I wrote myself out again. I’ll dream of you in my arms—

Forever and ever yours alone—


[Transcription ends]