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Sunday noon, 12/3/44, in Uk’s room

and still in my pajamas.

Precious darling,

Got up this morning feeling much better than when I went to bed. So I read the paper, washed my hair and decided to finish writing all the letters I had planned to write last night. So, I wrote to Morty, Bjorkmans, Reubens, G. Miller and Syl Hirschfield. Then, I wrapped a package to go to Mort containing his camera and the films I was able to get for him.

Since I went off my diet, I’ve been eating very well, altho I’ve been more or less watching what I eat. Well, I’ve been weighing myself, and I seem to stay at 127 and 128 lbs. Honey, I do believe you will be somewhat proud of my figure.

Yesterday, after Sanf and I left Baubie B., we stopped in to see Aunt Sadie and Uncle Max. Well, that woman positively nauseates me. You’d think she was the only one with troubles in this world. Honestly, I’m glad I hardly ever see her—she gets me crazy—she’s always the martyr! The folks seem to more or less be drawing away from them, too, and that is very good for Mom!

I showed Dad the girdle he bought me and he really got a “kick” out of it. It is very colorful and cute, but boy, he was surprised at the price—he thought girdles cost about $1.00 and was he surprised when I told him that even before the war I paid $5.00 and $6.00 for a girdle. A woman is an expensive proposition—isn’t she sweets?

Thought I’d get over to see your folks today—and I still may, but honestly, I have so darn much to do as yet. I haven’t even got the third floor cleaned!

Do you need any of the underwear you sent home? Do you need any socks? Write a request and I’ll send you whatever you need. I plan to send you a package this week with films, some goodies, cigarettes and toiletries.

As soon as I get your package and money order, I’ll send you an EFM. I sent you one about the 1st of Nov., but so far, you have said nothing about receiving the cablegram. Did you receive it?

Honey bunny, never a moment goes by that I don’t think of you. You are ever in my thoughts and in my heart! I know our future together will be wonderful. I can’t wait to see what our children are going to be like; but with you for a father, I’m sure they’ll really be swell. I think we will be very objective about our children, and I think we both will be rather strict as far as routine go [sic], but rather lenient as far as their intellectual development is concerned. What I mean, is that when it comes to eating and sleeping the child will be nicely persuaded that Mom and Pop know best, but as far as their reading matter, the shows and concerts they see, we will try to guide them to the best, but the final choice will have to be their own—the same with political thoughts and religion—they’ll know about all, but their decisions on such matters will be their own.

11 p.m. – in bed


My fountain pen just spurted two kisses to you on the reverse side of the paper!

Didn’t get over to see your folks—will try and see them Thurs. nite.

Ukie & I went to see “An Amer. Romance” at the Loew’s Park. Critics say that this movie is like part of an epic of Am. & was so truly Am. that it could serve as “typical Am” to show in foreign countries. I thought it a very moving story—some wonderful pro-labor ideas (& the other side was given too) & beautiful, skillfully applied Technicolor.

I wore my gray & white new girdle & I was very comfortable & I felt very elegant even tho I’m sure the public couldn’t notice.

Hope I dream tonite the same dream I dreamt last light—you were sleeping next to me & I warmed my feet on the soles of yours. I adore you, my darling.


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