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Saturday night, 10:00 p.m.

12/2/44, In Uk’s room on

little table, wearing p.j. and

blue bathrobe

Sweetheart darling,

While Uk is “strumming on the piano” before she goes to sleep, I’ll write you a nice long letter. Gosh, that kid really plays beautifully and there are some pieces I could hear her play all night!

Today I received a telegram (EFM) and of course was very, very happy. Also, rec’d two letters from you. The air mail you wrote on 11/18 and 11/22 arrived. Sometimes V-mail is very fast and other times air mail is just as fast if not faster. However, in the test case you made on the 18th of Nov., your V-mail did arrive before your air mail.

Honey, you are wrong about Geo. Bender. He is a petty politician, but so what? They all are! However, it might interest you to know that Geo. Bender has voted for every liberal or progressive bill that Congress has ever tried to put through! Read your Reader’s Scope magazine[1], Nov. issue. As a matter of fact, I sent it to you in one of the packages I sent you awhile back, so soon I hope you get it!

Gosh, is this letter messy. Forgive me darling! However, once again my tummy is “on the blink” and it has given me a headache and it makes me mad cause I can’t do all the letter writing I planned on doing. I merely wrote a short V-mail to Shelton and Haygood and then I wrote to Patty Shelton and Hugh Luddecke’s wife. I wrote short notes to Evelyn Meinikoff and Fred Grail and Rhoda Menschel!

Of course I did plenty of things today. After working a half day, I went downtown and finished buying some stuff (gifts) for Ukie. I really bought the kid the presents! Then, I couldn’t resist a pair of velvet (black) gloves for myself to go with my black coat, and also, I paid $10.00 for a wonderful girdle—it fits swell and it is very novel—it has gray flowers on it. I also took one in aqua (dad says that can be my birthday present from him). I stopped in the Russian War Relief and got some pretty paper napkins for Mom. I sent the Meinikoffs a baby gift—it’s a kit containing Johnson’s baby oil, baby powder, etc. Cost $2.00 and I think Evelyn will appreciate it.

When I got to the store to call for Uk who is now having an “easy job” working for Dad, I found Sanf there. He was visiting! So, I “dragged” him to see Baubie G with me. Only stayed 30 minutes, cause I just couldn’t stand the “blubbering”—plus the fact that “snotty” Sonia was visiting her also!

Uk and I wrapped packages again tonight. Xmas is a lot of fun and could be sheer joy if you could be here to plan and enjoy things with me. I adore you sweetheart. You are my life!

Edith [Translation ends]

[1] Reader’s Scope magazine, published between 1943 and 1948, had a liberal slant and was based on timeliness.