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Friday 12/1,10:45 p.m.

Dearest beloved,

When I came home a few minutes ago & found your air mail letter dated 11/22, I really got excited & thrilled. That’s the fastest service I’ve ever gotten on your mail including V-mails. I called your folks & they were happy, too. However, I do not emphasize the fact that you are now a “veteran”--& I think it is best that you “skim over” exactly what you’re doing when you write to them. I believe Sanford shares this opinion!

So glad you have rec’d most all of my letters—it gives me an incentive to keep the pen moving! Also, the films from the Kodak Company have arrived & I’ll send them to you with some toiletries & stuff! I’ll probably mail a package to you next week, & hope that, in the meanwhile, you will receive some of your Xmas presents, plus the camera I sent, plus the cigarette lighter Morty sent you.

Thanks sweetheart for the clippings! The map is certainly a good one!

Altho’ I gather you are seeing action & I should be worried & upset—well, I’m not! I know you’re okay & that you’ll do what is expected of you & soon we’ll be together!!! Honey, if I didn’t feel that way I don’t think I’d be able to go on existing!

Boy, they sure feed you good—considering your location! I hope your various comforts (shelter & food) continue to be good!

Can you imagine—after all these months I finally get a letter from Esther Moskowitz? She’s doing social work at a mental hosp. in N.Y.—but mainly, I think marriage is on her mind & I can’t blame her!

My dramatic group was very enthusiastic tonight & if it continues that way, we may be able to put on a good show some time in the spring.

Thurs. I got an app’t with Dr. Furst & I’m going to have my teeth checked. I’m really “getting in shape” for you, sweetheart!

My work is still very satisfying! Tonight, Mrs. Chand (Douglas’ mom) brought her mother up with her to call for Doug. When Mrs. C. introduced me to her mother (both generations were kindergarten teachers) she said, “Mrs. Speert is one of the best.” I really was flattered!

All the loving I would normally shower on you goes to my children in a rather logical, objective & discreet manner. But honey—sometimes I forget I’m a teacher & Buzzy Wilson & Randy Bankstron (2 yrs. old) really get a “loving up.”

But actually all my love—all my life is yours to do as you please with.

I adore you


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