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28 November 1944

Somewheres in Germany

My beloved darling,

I’m a very sad boy today for I received no packages and no letters. Nevertheless I remain undaunted and ready to go forth with my letter writing.

Nothing new or eventful happened today aside from our usual hum-drum existence [sic]. We’ve still got our elegant set-up and good food—yessiree, we’re sitting on the top of the world.

Boy, we’re sure getting sufficient PX supplies these days. Today we made another distribution of cigarettes, chocolate, soap, etc. That’s the one advantage of being in combat, you get your share of rations.

The weather is starting to get a bit nasty outdoors. Today it showered frequently and it’s beginning to get colder.

As I am writing this letter Shelton is frying bacon over one of our stoves. You know, the bacon comes in cans and is already sliced. Makes it so handy to get that evening snack. Hm! It smells good!

Sweetheart, I still can smell those good Sunday breakfasts that you used to make. When you used to stuff food into me as though you were fattening a turkey. Come to think of it, it’s been quite a period that [sic] I’ve fried eggs—I just haven’t bothered to ask the Dutch civilian people for eggs. But, I do get to eat their butter, which is delicious, or to quote you, “out of this world.”

We took some snapshots of “our pin-up board” last night. Our pinup board consists of pictures of nudes which Shelton cut out of some of the German art magazines found around here. By the way, the so-called “Kulten Art” is based wholly on the portrayal of nudes (male & female). In addition he has pictures of girls (naturally) from the Yank Magazine (no doubt you’ve seen many of them).

Among some of the junk we’ve collected so far is an old muzzle loaded gun used in the 1700’s [sic]—perhaps it may even have antique value.

Honey, as you can see I don’t have a heck of a lot to say except that I miss you madly, love you completely and can’t wait until I have you in my arms again.

Good night, dear, your lover,


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