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26 November 1944

Somewheres in Germany

My most precious jewel,

Today, I again hit the jackpot on the mail situation. Yes 11 letters and a serviceman’s box from the Heights’ B’nai B’rith. I’m going to write a thank you note to the B’nai B’rith as soon as I finish writing to you. Among the letters were a letter from Mort, a letter from Sanford dated Nov. 12 (whatta surprise) & your letters with the following dates: Oct. 25 and Oct. 22 & 25 (newspaper clippings), an anniversary card (2 yrs. & 5 months of delicious married life), and a Thanksgiving card. Also a V-Mail from my folks. Actually, dear, I’m surprised at myself, for I, too, am carrying on an intensive, as well as extensive, correspondence. In our present set-up, I can do an awful lot of letter writing. The weather here continues to be nice; however, I hear that in some areas not far from here they have been having snow. Brr—

We listened to the Ohio State-Michigan game last night and got a genuine thrill with State coming from behind to win. My heart went out to the announcer who complained that his hands were so cold he [sic] it was necessary that he sit on his hands to keep them warm. Tsch, tsch, I would recommend that he come over here where it is much “hotter.” We received a bunch of Christmas cards in the PX distribution which I shall send to our friends. Most of them are cards which deal with troops in France. I suppose they haven’t come out yet with cards from Germany. I’m very interested to know whether you received the box I sent you and also whether you can use the film enclosed. Incidentally, my air mail letter to you yesterday contained a Nazi armband of the Nazi party. Tell me when you receive it.

At the present time I am munching Nabisco Fig Newtons which are very good—make a good evening snack.

We’re going to try and take pictures of our cozy little room and if they come out O.K. I’m going to send it to you.

Darling, one thing I would greatly appreciate is a new picture of you. One that I can look at [at] times I get real sentimental. O.K., sweets? (Not that I don’t look at your picture constantly, either.)

At the present time I’m listening to an opera coming over the radio. It’s a tough life, isn’t it?

Sanford’s letter had a clever remark in the upper right-hand corner where I put “Somewhere in Germany.” His remark was “Could it be anywhere else but from home?”

Those sheets from the “Hobo News” were a “bit of all right.” The paper has a lot of appeal.

I showed Doc Luddecke Winkie’s letter to you and he innocently remarked, “an intelligent letter” and wants to keep it, so I gave it to him. He’s a good guy.

Sweets, I adore your every atom & molecule and that’s getting pretty small.

I love you,


[Transcription ends]