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24 November 1944

Somewheres in Germany

My precious darling,

Today I received 2 air mail letters from you dated the 2nd and 14th of November and the October issue of “Hello Again.” I dropped a letter to “Hello Again,” thanking them for the issue.

My mail is so screwed up yet that I cannot determine which method is more rapid, air mail or V-Mail. One of these days I should find out, however.

I got a “kick” from your dislike of mustaches. Sweetheart, out here personal vanity doesn’t mean a thing. Should I retain the mustache by the time I come home, I shall allow you to march me to the bathroom and watch me “whack” it off. It shall be a pleasure on my part.

It’s so good that you are being kept constantly occupied. Darling, you can fiddle away time just like me—an old family trait. There are times when I put aside time to do a particular thing but I’ll be doggone if the time doesn’t pass without my doing what I wanted to do.

Your article concerning Jap-American relations reflects in a small part some of the racial problems which will manifest themselves greatly after the war. I pity those people—it is not their fault.

Thus far, darling, I have not received the camera but remain on the constant lookout for it. Tell me, too, if you received the money order and the box containing film and sundry items.

Darling, I don’t ever want you to feel morbid. Promise me that you’ll always try and be as cheerful as possible—O.K.?

Before I forget, send me a box of stationery, will you, dear? It’s a critical item around here and very difficult to procure. V-Mail stationery is issued and we can get as much as we want.

You say you sent me a cablegram on the 2nd of November. To date I have not received your cablegram. They are pretty useless when you send them to me, but are quite good when I send them to you.

I’m glad to hear that you enjoy Lt. Embry’s company as her husband is a “purty” regular guy and very much in love with his wife. A quality that we both have in common.

“Winkie” Luddecke sent Doc a picture of their baby and herself. Gee, but I’m jealous, but don’t you worry, my precious, we’ll have our day, too. And what a day that will be!!!

We’re getting along O.K. in the battery and having our good times as they present themselves.

It’s a funny situation hearing all these broadcasts of the latest news with towns mentioned that are within [a] stone’s throw of you. Imagine it, darling, I’m in an outfit that’s making history. As soon as censorship lifts you’ll be hearing all about us in detail.

I love you, my baby,


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