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15 November 1944

My adorable one,

Today was indeed a banner day for me and if you’ll give me a moment I’ll tell you why. Yes, I received 8 air mail letters dated from Oct. 20 through to the 28th. Also, I received a card from Coronet telling me of my forthcoming subscription and last but not least, I received my first X-mas box. The [C]hristmas box, I believe, came from the Rosens (it had no name on it). It did have copies of the Workingman Circle and similar matter. I’m going to drop the Rosens a line and thank them for the box.

Before I begin to answer some of the remarks in your letter let me say that you shouldn’t be surprised when the 84th Div. starts making history. Strange as it may seem. I think we’ve got a pretty good outfit and they should give a darn good account of themselves. With the situation being what it is. I haven’t had a chance to run down Nate Monies and have a chat with him.

You know, the ’44 version of war is so different than [sic] the ’17 version. Here we are billeted in a house which once was a very fine house. We are sleeping on beds with matresses [sic]. The house has a central heating system and we have carpets on the floors. This, my dear, does not only apply to the offieces [sic] but we’ve got the men bivouacel [sic] within the house, too. Some of the upstaries [sic] rooms are pretty airy because of the ravages of war, etc.

Since Headquarters has so many radios we hear the news up to the minute. The broadcast coming from Germany are particularly amusing since they exaggerate things so.

I’m really feeling fine, dear, and am getting a full share of sleep each night. Since we make no movement before daybreak or after dark, the only thing left to do is sleep. Yes, bubsie, it’s nothing for me to get 12 & 13 hrs. sleep each night. –Very hard to take. It’s the old adage—get into the army to relax. However, I don’t expect it will be like this always—you understand, I’m sure.

Now, I’ll go back through some of your letters and make comments.

Fred’s letter is cute and tell Ukie that I consider Fred a fine prospect for a brother-in-law. Really, I like the kid a lot.

Sal Lame is a good guy and should have selected a pretty good girl. I’m going to drop him a line and continue correspondence as much as we can.

Don’t worry about the watch. I’m sure Bulova will make good if they can’t locate the original one.

Where did you get the L-shaped house idea? It’s noval [sic] to say the least. I will admit that this particular type of structure offers opportunity for a lot of sunlight to enter the house. Maybe we’ll give California a try, before we settle down and build our house.

Sweetheart, I think that the curse bothered you as much when I was with you as when I’m away. The only thing that differed was that you had other things to think about and consequently it passed uneventfully[;] of course, my rubbing your tummy did have its physical compensations.

Darling, remember, you are uppermost in my concious [sic] and unconcious [sic] mind. The fact that other[s] got mail before you was merely a coincidence.

I don’t know when [sic] Lt. Speert went to but I will take this opportunity to say hello—I hope you and Patty are writing each other—we will take good care of Victor.

Capt. Shelton

Sorry for the interuption [sic] but I’ll jot a few lines while he is gone, UK ok, must close now here he comes.

Al Haygood

Hello dear,

Here I am back again. Capt. Shelton and Lt. Haygood dropped you a few words before I returned. A. B. Shelton is a good buy [sic] & we get along. Swell. I’m glad to hear that you’re corresponding with the wives of the other officers. This Hugh Ludderk, the doc, is a good guy and a swell Joe.

Honey, could I go for an avocado cocktail! Sure, but I can go for some other things (?) a lot more.

I’m glad to hear that Aunt Sodic & my mom are hitting it off.” So far so good.

In the letters that I received you say “I hope you let me know what you are doing.” Yes, darling, I shall let you know as much as I can but at the present my information to you will be rather limited, such as pertains to the military.

So pictures like “Dragon Seed” are propoganda [sic] are they? That’s the stinkin shame of it all! The [A]merican people know what suffering and destruction mean. I don’t think the Americans will ever learn what total war actually means!

I don’t want to be vehement about the above but it’s true.

I wrote Alma & Harold a letter to their Annopolis [sic] address but I understand now, that they have moved. I’ll write them to their latest address.

About that last cable, you’ll understand that they are form cables and my feelings didn’t change any since I still am head over heels in love with you.

Tell me when you receive that $80.00 mail (money) order. Goodnight sweetheart. I’m dreaming of you.

Your devoted husband


[Transcription ends]