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Monday night 11-13-44


Rec’d two letters from you today—an air Mail written 10-20 & a V-Mail written 10-31. Both letters were extremely interesting. In Dec. issue of Readers Scope—they, also, have an article on “war’s inter-marriages.” They shaw [sic] (statistically) that move [sic] than 50% of those Marriage[s] (am to other nationality rot in am [sic]) after W.W. I resulted in divorce; but, they conclude the article that it is up to the individual couple.

I agree with you—“I’ll be seeing you” really “gets me” too! It’s funny how I can hear a song & connect it with you. For instance—Victor Herbert’s “I’ll see you again” always makes lumps in my throat!

I’m still “sweating out” later dated letters from you cause of the robat [sic] bomb attacks, but honey—I don’t know how to express the following clearly—I’m worried & I’m not worried in that I’m sure you’re all right, but I’m a little afraid to be so sure of my own intuition [sic].

Bought decorations for Sanf’s cake this evening. Do hope he is surprised! Then, went to Public Lib, to hear lecture—announcement enclosed, was surprised when folks walked in I told them about it but didn’t expect to see them. Dr. Michaelides was an excellent speaker (slight accent) plus being very stimulating. Even Dad had to admit that. I made a few notes hoping to relay them to you: First, he gave us a background & definition of “Minority.” Then, he listed 3 main problems they cause:— 1) resist assimilation & become thorn to dominate [sic] party (he, in general, spoke of European countries). 2) # one, results in potent friction of war—they ask Mothers country for help, or a 3rd country, either of which or both may exploit Minority group for own means. 3) Minority used a “scapegoat” by majority. Then, he spoke of how they tried to solve the problem in the past: 1) extermination; 2) assimilation a) voluntary b) involuntary; 3) self[-]determination as Wilson’s idea: 4) transfer of minorities; 5) international workings ex.—League of nations. 6) cultural pluralism (modern Russia). As for the future he banks heavily on democracy; education; self-determination & League of nations (or similar) backed by perhaps (?) police force. I think he has something for the future! By the way, Dr. Michaillides [sic] is connected with (Cleve. College, etc.[)]

Today we heard from Sima, who is still a lady of liesure [sic] at 27 Gordon, & she writes that she heard from you, & answered you. Also a letter from Ethel Laufman—Syl is still outside of Paris. Bill Fein-berg is in the S. Pac. & Helen gave birth Oct. 31th [sic] to a boy! We also rec’d a letter from UK’s b.f., Fred Livingston who thinks San Antonio is really a grand city.

I think I’ll “talk your ear off” when I see you: plus “love you up” & caress you until you’re all bruised but don’t hurt! I adore you beloved.

Forever yours—


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